October 22, 2013

Countdown - 9 days - Cadillac Memorial Gardens

Cadillac Memorial Gardens, located in Clinton Township, Macomb County.  
This is one of the first places I checked out with my new camera.   There are almost 4000 burials here.  Very huge & beautiful place. 

(my inner child giggled at this)

The stained glass is on the back of the mausoleum.  
I didn't peek inside to see what it looked like. 

yeah, I didn't go explore over in this area. 

These frescoes are really pretty. 

At first I was confused by the giant chairs on 3 sides of this one area.  
 Apparently that section is for masons. 

Nice company!

Some more fantastic stained glass, along with family photos & a lit candle. 

These were back-to-back stones. 


At the base of a flag-pole. 

You could buy this plot - in an island in the road! 
No neighbors. 

I saw this & thought it was cute.  
It's on top of one of those buildings for cremations. 
As I got closer, I realized it was a Pet Cemetery !

This is a family plot for their cats. 

This block was easily 2'x2' huge. 
Someone really loved their parrot!

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