February 01, 2022

Chuck's Shenanigans

This was sitting in my draft folder from the Countdown to Halloween last October!  
See what I meant about planning and such being a Shit Show??  

Shame on me. 

These need to be posted. 
I did a trick-or-treat event with my search & rescue team called Fantasy Forest.
We thought it would be funny to have a skeletal K9 SAR team. 

Apparently my helmet is really heavy - this skeleton started listing pretty badly throughout the day. 
This was toward the end of the day - Chuck had been buried in candy in the stokes basket.
At least the K9s found him!
My daughter & grandson thought Juan needed to be there and brought him with them.  I didn't know what to do with him, so he "watched" the donuts.
Grandson was a good helper putting up the cemetery. 
Pumpkin Spice!
We went to the open house for the local fire department.  
The firemen asked if Chuck wanted to sit in the car after they used the jaws of life on it. 
He got to sit in the fire truck!!
Of course we went to Tillson St.  
I have multiple posts about that.
We went to our first Witch's Night Out.
It was tiring!
It was kinda neat, I didn't know what to expect.  There were vendors with neat stuff for sale and a few of the stores in town were open, and a couple food trucks. 
Speaking of the SAR team, Chuck went to our team picnic.
It was cold so the fire was nice!
Hmmm, food!
October 18 brought us grandbaby #2! 
Another child growing up thinking it's normal for Grandma to carry around a skeleton places!
This was the Friday before Halloween - Chuck had to go to work with me!
It happened to be the day all the college rivalries happen at work - 
the day before the Michigan / Michigan State football game. 
Woooo - lots of trucks!
I drive past this apple orchard going to my sister's and I've always been meaning to stop and get pics of Chuck in this train.  I finally stopped!

Yay - caught up!  Now I have to post some nice winter pics...