October 17, 2013

Countdown - 14 days - Millar / Biglar / Perry Cemeteries

We've got a trio today!
These are some small cemeteries in the area that are kind of neat. 

When I got my new camera, Millar is the first place I thought of that I wanted to go to try it out.  This is a family cemetery of 38 graves. Most of the stones were knocked over long ago. 

This is also known as Cady's Corners Cemetery, located in Clinton Township / Macomb County, MI. 

 I'm curious as to who brought in those fake flowers (last Christmas, I'd guess) 
Those graves are from the 1850s!!

 From the far back, looking toward the road. 

Next, we have Bigler located in Oakland Township / Oakland County 
(Duh!  I looked it up and it's on the sign!)
This was located on a corner of 2 dirt roads, and on a steep hill.  
When I found a spot to park I was at such an angle that my door hit the road when I opened it.  There are just under 200 graves here.  

Very awesome! 

It clearly has been a while since any attention has been paid to the grounds.  This is surprising, since across the road there are several large McMansions being built. 

I saved the smallest, yet spookiest for last.  I honestly thought this was someone's yard when I first saw it.  But no, it is Perry Cemetery.  A whopping 12 graves and no sign.  

Someone installed these nice benches here, but the mosquitos were horrible! 

 Out of the 150+ photos I took on this day - not a single one of these individual stones came out.  
Didn't have problems at any other cemetery. 

{insert Twilight Zone music here}

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