May 29, 2018

Project planning....

I really didn't plan on doing any serious builds for the cemetery this year - just a few tweaks & improvements here or there. 

Yeah.  That changed. 

I was driving into work one morning and it happened to be trash day. 
I passed this one house and there was this really cool window leaning against their can.  I drove past.  And thought about it for a good 2 miles.  What could I do with such a window?  I was so deep in thought that I didn't even notice that the 80s station on my radio was playing Phil Collin's "Easy Lover" - a song I'd normally turn off.   
Suddenly one line of said cheesy song leaped out at me "oh you'll regret it".  

So I turned around and went back.
Is this not the coolest window? 
It's about 4 feet wide & 2 feet tall.  One pane of glass is broken, but the wood is all solid.
I can't imagine where this had been, since there's only a thin coat of white paint and isn't weathered at all. 

I'm thinking a mausoleum / shack. 
The trick is going to be making it able to fold flat, since we don't have  storage for something as big as this is going to be. 

There are a couple ideas going thru my mind that are good possibilities.
Inspiration #1 - this fold away shed.

Inspiration #2 - this collapsible crate. 
 I'll have to consult with my other half, since he's always able to make suggestions that I never would have dreamed of.

Stay tuned!