October 30, 2017

1 day - Last minute stuff....

OK, I knew I wanted a skeleton pony even tho I hadn't actually seen one in person.  
I figured it was going to be a 2018 purchase. 
But when my sister texted me a picture from Home Depot with a $49 sign hanging from it....
I couldn't pass it up.  
 Meet DucTape!
(since the horse's name is ZipTie, why not?)
  He was the display model, so already assembled.  He fit in my car nicely.
 Chuck & Al
 Al moved up in the world - from the hanging basket to the pony!
I don't know if I'll figure out something to do with him before tomorrow night, but even if I don't - they're settled into the cemetery. 
 We also made our family trip to get our pumpkins yesterday and carved them tonight. 
 Chuck helped.

 And then we celebrated with some cider & donuts. 
 Happy Almost Halloween!

At least during trick-or-treat time it's looking cool, but dry. 

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October 28, 2017

3 days - Tillson Street - part 4

Welcome back!
These next 2 houses aren't technically on Tillson Street, they're around the corner but were still worth the few extra steps to check them out. 
Gasp!  I need a tricycle & wagon for next year!!
Very nice, solid columns made of plywood with flicker bulbs.  
This one was down the other way. 
Last year, they didn't decorate this house and had a sign out front saying they'd be back.  Glad they are!  
That's a "real" cannon up in the turret that they shot off every so often. 
This was the first time I'd experienced scented fog.  Not sure how I felt about it.  Thankfully it wasn't one of the nasty scents - and I'm glad they don't have a locker room scent for this cemetery!
This is my favorite house!
The bride climbing over the fence is so funny!
Channel 4 news was there interviewing the owner. 
 I was so tempted to go leap in front of the camera!
Not sure what these 2 have to do with hockey, but I like them!
The 'owners' maybe. 
That's a real dog up on the porch!  It was the size of a pony. 
A real Zambonii!
This is where the gorilla used to be.  
I think it looks better alone, instead of randomly in a playground!

Accuweather is geographically challenged - when I use their 'current location' - they give me the weather for a specific address... on the other side of town.  
But if I type in our address directly, it says we're in Sterling Hts.  Sheesh. 

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