February 29, 2024

It's LEAP Day

Just checking in since it's been a while.

Happy Leap Day!  

Not much has been going on around here.  I will be waiting until spring actually arrives before working on any props.  Actually - I don't have anything planned to actually build, other that finally using the 4"x4"x7' fence post that I found on the side of the road 2 or 3 years ago to make a super solid coat tree to put near the back door.  

Halloween related - I just plan to repaint the headstones and make sure the edges of the plywood is nice and sealed.  Most of my stones are originals from 2008 so there are a few cracks that need attention. 

Chuck took a trip with me to Kalamazoo at the end of January.  He chilled in the hotel while I was at the VFW's Mid-Winter Conference & Banquet.  He guarded the donuts we got on the way home, too. 

Yes - it's a city in Michigan! 

This popped up in my SnapChat memories!
The Grandson is about 2 here. 
We had a large branch break during the first snow we had this season.  
It's not dead yet!  I grabbed that icicle and it tasted like maple syrup! 
This must have been when I was packing to go to Kalamazoo - Rusty was helping. 
Woo.  Super Bowl. 

This car made us laugh - someone must have been trying to get at the hamsters inside the Kia!
So I was watching TV with the grandkids - WTF????

and finally....
Since we had our false spring already - I had to put the snowmen away. 
My & the granddaughter were outside barefoot in the yard on Tuesday, Wednesday it dropped 30 degrees by mid-afternoon!  Michigan is crazy, yo.  But it's supposed to be back up to 60 this weekend.