March 12, 2019

Chuck is ready for shenanigans!

Rusty helped me fix Chuck's latest arm-related tragedy and now he's ready 
for St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans!  
On the bill this year?  Going to see an ABBA cover band!  This will be pretty awesome!
 So proud that there have been no Rick Allen references!
ya know... the Def Leppard drummer?
 So the first injury happened in September 2017 on our way to Chicago for my nephew's wedding. 
That repair happened on the road after the wedding, since the Spouse and I left Chicago and drove up thru Wisconsin, across the UP and back down state.  He needed to be fixed so he could explore!
Dammit Rusty!

 The second arm came off this past December, as were were pulling out the driveway on the way to Arkansas.  Medical tape didn't work anywhere near as well as electrical tape.
 I borrowed some (probably 20 year old) electrical tape from the mother-in-law to fix both arms.
A combination of poor wrapping and old tape didn't last long.
 The tape gave way a week or so ago when we went out to my sister's house and I had too much stuff + Chuck in my arms.
But now he's ready to go! 


March 10, 2019 Saturday

I had a great day yesterday!  

I attended my first meeting / make & take of the Motor City Haunt Club (and joined!)

I wasn't sure what to expect, but their mission statement says they "exist to provide amateur / professional haunters and haunt enthusiasts of Metropolitan Detroit and surrounding areas an year-round outlet for their pastime of haunting and Halloween.  The means by which the MCHC realizes this mission includes, but it not limited to: *Acting as a clearinghouse for haunting information and events in the Metro Detroit area *Contributing haunting and Halloween expertise to the general public * Promoting haunting and Halloween whenever possible"  

How awesome is that?  Have I found my tribe??

So we learned how to do some corpsing.  I know what it is, and have seen many different tutorials on how to do it - but I've never actually done it myself.   
Image may contain: 3 people
There's me in the pink on the lower left!
(photo grabbed from the MCHC FB page)
We used pantyhose & liquid latex and of course I had to be difficult and grab the only bird the guy had brought.  He mainly brought rat & bat skeletons so he was afraid he wouldn't be able to explain how to do the bird.   But that was OK!  Once I got the gist of what to do - I figured it out.  
I took the pic of my bird in my car as I was leaving the campus (meetings are held in a lecture hall at the University of Detroit - Mercy) so the latex wasn't entirely dry yet - and I had wedged pieces of foam under its wings to hold them up until it dried.   I was chatting with one of the other members and he suggested sticking feathers thru the latex on the wings.... love it!  I have an envelope full of feathers from the back yard so it's totally do-able. 

I think this will be a fun group.  They do a lot of cool stuff, including putting on a garage sale that apparently keeps getting bigger & bigger!   And in October they do member & pro haunt crawls - I wonder if they'd think mine would be worth driving out to see...?   It is on the way out to Tillson Street, so that's a possibility!

While I was looking at the map Friday to see where the UD-M campus was, I couldn't help but notice that Woodlawn Cemetery was close by!  


I have been wanting to explore Woodlawn forever!  It's where a lot of famous Detroiters are buried - Edsel Ford, Horace & John Dodge, Rosa Parks, Aretha Franklin -  to name a very few.

And since it was a cloudy, cold day - I thought I'd just drive thru and take a quick peek.

Oh wow.  
(I must have said that 100 times!)
I saw a ton of deer roaming around.   
Michigan's Governor 1921-1927
 It's hard to see but whatever design is on the top of the stone in there looks like a smiley jack-o-lantern!
 Horace & John Dodge
of the Dodge Motor Company

 Jonathon Hudson of the department stores.

 A lot of the stones / monuments were HUGE!

George Stroh, but likely not of the beer / ice cream family.

So once it warms up, I will have a plan as to how to tackle this cemetery in sections - it's just entirely too big to explore all in one day!