April 30, 2021

We're Halfway to Halloween!

Just a quick check in since it's been a while! 

The family (me, the Spouse & the Spawn, but not the Grandson, thankfully) all got hit with Covid earlier this month.  I had it the worst - but it was comparable to the regular old flu.  Except for the chills & dehydration - that sucked!  And the loss of appetite.  I kind of enjoyed my "quarantine" from work, since it didn't count against my sick days!  The Spouse said his was like a cold/flu.  And the Spawn only lost her taste & smell for a couple days.  She felt fine, otherwise.  We're all back to 100% now. 

I haven't even had Chuck out to play with him!  He's been chilling on the floor in the back seat of my car.  I really need to get him out & do some stuff with him.   

Needless to say - there's been no real planning or anything going on.  I have a few new ideas written down in my notebook, but I really can't think of anything I ~need~ to build.  At the moment, anyway! 


April 15, 2021

198 Days!

Yeah - I'm a day late.  Booo!