October 20, 2013

Countdown - 11 days - Behold! A fence!

HA!  I am cheating so bad.

There are currently 4 rolls of this stuff sitting out back, ready to enclose the cemetery.  It won't go exactly as I planned, but it will cover the entire more than enough of the cemetery.

I figure (hope) a 2 foot fence with points on the top should make any kid with half a brain stop & go around, at the risk of tender body parts.  If not, I told hubby he needs to stand around the corner of the house near the problem area with a clown mask and a chainsaw.


  1. From experience I can tell you any gap and they'll squeeze through! :)

    1. Sometimes I want to smack the adult that's walking with them for letting them try. But if they're OK with me yelling at their kids, fine by me!

  2. Yup! They're an unstoppable force. Good luck!


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