Monday, January 14, 2019

Chuck's Christmas Trip to Arkansas, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Chuck's latest trip to Arkansas. 

We always go for a walk on the Promenade.  
This is a new sign - Happy Hollow Cold Spring is one of several fountains where you can fill up jugs with real spring water straight out of the mountain. 

Ooooo, warm!

Hello there, friend!
FRIEND!  Don't fun away from me!

Another spring

Yet another spring.

The Hot Spring Rehab Center - formerly the Army/Navy Hospital.

We didn't do much else with Chuck while we were there - Spawn & I went to visit a couple old cemeteries.  Christmas happened. A trip to the Buckstaff Bathhouse
We left to come home on December 28.
It was pretty dull thru this part of Arkansas.
After we got done giggling at the name of the Kum & Go in Paragould and filled up the car / got beverages, I took the time to admire this kinda neat sculpture.
As I was posing Chuck, a teenage boy ran up & asked if he could take a pic, too!  So I introduced  him to Chuck & gave him a Cliff-notes version of his story.

YAY!  Since I may have been napping when we crossed the Mississippi on the way south...

Indiana!  We stopped for the night in Terra Haute.
The Indianapolis Weather Doppler Radar Dome.
Hmmphf.  Guess we're NOT welcome in Ohio!
Almost home!
A quick stop at Tim Horton's in Dundee
(and a photo op across the parking lot at the Beef Jerky Outlet)
Home Sweet Home!
And that's the extent of the snow we came home to. 


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Chuck's Christmas Trip to Arkansas, part 1

Better late than never, right?!

We left Michigan for our bi-annual trip to Arkansas on December 20.
We didn't even get out of the driveway before the first catastrophe happened!
This is Chuck's second shoulder removal - the other was on the way to Chicago in 2017.  Since then, that shoulder has been held on with black electrical tape. 
I was thinking that medical tape would work to hold both arms on. 
Nope.  It was a good temporary fix.

Welcome to Ohio!
I missed the Indiana border, so here's Chic-Fil-A instead!
Effingham, IL
I put Chuck's tuxedo shirt back on him because it covers his taped shoulders better than the elf costume did. 
Chillin' with his buddies.

We always have to stop at this sculpture.

Bugles!  "America's Finger #1 Hat"
We weren't even 5 minutes over the Arkansas border when the sun finally came out. 
Sunset at Mamaw Love's house in Hot Springs. 
Let's a take a moment and admire how pretty Central Ave is from one of the lookouts on West Mountain.
Some mountaintop modelling....
Standby for part 2!