August 31, 2011

The Countdown to Halloween is a month away!

So I'm getting involved in the Countdown for the first time.   I signed up at the Countdown To Halloween website and I'm supposed to post something Halloween-related every day for the month of October.  And it links back to their site, so we can see what everyone else is posting, too. 

This should be pretty fun!

August 27, 2011

A successful shopping trip!

I hadn't really planned to do any shopping today, but my niece called to ask Miss Angel if she wanted to go roller skating.  That left me 3 hours to hang out with Mom.  I could have ditched her and came back home, but I really haven't spent much time with Mom at all this summer.  So, I was a good daughter.  Plus I got to drive her brand spanking new 2012 Dodge Avenger Sport (squeee!)

But I digress.

We went thru the first 2 stores pretty quickly.  We happened to be near HomeGoods, so we went in & hit the mother-lode with Halloween stuff!   They had like 4+ aisles and several tables of goodies!   I couldn't resist the glitter skulls.


And of course the gargoyle.   The cashier was such a flake.  They have to wrap up all the items in sheets of paper before bagging them. She was all freaked out with it.  She showed the other cashier & the second lady shrugged & kind of said under her breath that she liked it.   LOL!   I went to the wrong cashier! 

Then Mom needed to go to Target & Michaels happened to be in the same strip mall, so we went there, too.  I found the correct size pumpkins for Chris & Jimmy!

I'm thinking I'm going to paint the pumpkins instead of carving them, since I don't plan on having them lit from the inside.  I can get more detail, too. 

This evening, Miss Angel was with my sister and Randy was still out doing radio stuff with "the guys" so I stopped at Ace Hardware & got some gloves for C&J.  Then walked thru St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.  Saw nothing.  Made out better at the Salvation Army.  I got a long white skirt for Marilyn to cover her legs and a few other things for the witches kitchen.

I love the bottle on the left.  It's probably quart sized & the coolest blue green color. 

As if I really needed more bottles!

August 26, 2011


So to get started on my blog, I'm going to share some ideas & plans for what I have in mind for 2011.

1.  The cemetery needs some Jack O'Lanterns.  The only lonely blowmold isn't cutting it anymore.  So I have acquired more via eBay & one so far that I found at the Salvation Army.

2.  Peeping Tom needed work.  I appreciated his ugly shirt, but I made the mistake of slashing it, so his PVC-ness showed.  He's got a new ugly shirt now.  Same with Matt the groundbreaker.

3.  Marilyn needed a LOT of work.  She got totally remade.  I got rid of the square foam bosom & now she's chicken wire & has a new blouse.  I'm still not happy with her skirt because you can see her PVC legs.  But she'll do for now.   She needs hands, too.

4.  I do believe Art is going to be remade into a victim for Big Mike.

 Big Mike

5.  I was somehow inspired to make 2 new life-sized guys to stand on each side of the driveway.  These are a work in progress.  They still need heads & hands.  For their heads I want to use the foam craft pumpkins. 

Did I mention their names are Chris & Jimmy?
And they will be carrying hockey sticks.

6.  This is a new little family this year.  Miss Angela hates when they look at her.  So I threatened to store them on the shelf in her room. 
Bettina Burnt, Anabel, Victoria the Victim & Penelope.

7.  The Grave Periscope.  I'm going to try my hand at paper mache on this.  The plan is to put it outside on one of the graves. 

8.  A witches kitchen.  This may be slightly ambitious, since it requires a piece of furniture that I do not currently have, nor have a place to store.   There are ideas flitting around my mind, about something like a baker's rack.  But anyway, I got a bit happy with the shopping & now have a large selection of bottles in all sorts of shapes & sizes.  I really need to take inventory & see what I have.  Then decide on contents & labels.  This is my prize find here.....


I am on vacation for the next week & a half, so know knows what projects will get finished and/or started!  I did find an excellent tutorial on HF for hands, so that's on my To-Do list.