February 17, 2020

Ummm, Happy President's Day...!?!?!?!

Have I really not posted AT ALL this year??? 
 cat bag shame embarrassed tom and jerry GIF
it's been pretty quiet around here.  
The BIG thing that has happened is that I (finally) became a grandma! 
On January 2 at 5:32pm, Adam James made his appearance!  Only a week late. 
8lb 10oz, 21 1/2 inches long.  
And under that swaddle is a mop of dark hair and some really big feets!

He's just so adorable, I can't even handle it!
The Spawn has taken to being a Mommy really well.  

So Chuck hasn't been out playing much.  But this past weekend he went with us to my sister's.
Friday night was spent loading 2 vehicles up with a total of 6 saddles and 8 totes full of horse stuff to take to a tack sale to hopefully sell.  My sister has owned horses for 40+ years so she's accumulated & been given a lot of stuff. 
The Michigan Justin Morgan Horse Association.
 Wearing a bridle.
 Hanging out in a hay bag.
 Trying out saddle #1.
 Saddle #2.
Modelling a tie and trying to sell a leather halter. 
 Saddle #3!
 Saddle #4!
 He looks pretty dapper in the derby.

The sale was held at a high school in Pinckney, Michigan.  And that just happens to be about 4 miles from Hell!  We couldn't NOT stop!  My sister had never been there, so that was another reason to stop.
It was really freaking cold, so we didn't do much exploring outside. 
The NOAA weather station
 The world's most tolerant spouse!

Hell consists of the Hell Hole Diner, Hell Saloon, Screams ice cream & gift shop, a wedding chapel and a mini-golf course.  We had to get some ice cream!   We were the only customers so the lady working there chatted with us a lot and told us a lot of history of the area.
And I jokingly mentioned I would get Adam a shirt from Hell and Spawn was all for it. 
It's really cute, tho!

And now onto some randomness. 
I wore Halloween socks on Valentine's Day. 
I had to stop and get a picture of this creepy old house along the way to sister's house. 
Too bad the window's are all boarded up - it would be neat to explore!

Here's picture of Adam from Saturday.  
Clearly Rusty loves his new person!