September 30, 2015

It's a start!

Well, Monday was the daughter's birthday, so that means yesterday was fair game to begin setting up the cemetery!  The main things I wanted to get out were the fence, stones & blowmolds and that's exactly what I got done!  The rest will slowly come out over the next few days / weeks.  
Jack always has to supervise. 
Hmm - which one does not belong?

There's a couple more stones that need to go out.  
I've never had rodent damage before - so a couple touch ups need to happen.  Pretty sure the residents of the left-hand pic are the culprit.  It was between some the stones in the shed.
I noticed that we're on the elementary school bus route this year - wonder how many kids are actually on it when it goes by?  

So the weather is perfect right now. The rest of the week mostly sunny and mid-low 60s but the low 40s at night may actually give our new furnace a workout. 

I'm going to have to dig the totes out of the garage tonight (they're buried under Christmas totes, but there's not anywhere near as many of those!) and find my decorations for work as well as find some stuff I have in mind for my Secret Reaper #2.  

I have some projects going on in the house that I need to finish up before I can start doing anything inside.  The new furnace?  Just installed yesterday so I need to put the shelves back up so I can get the laundry soap & stuff off the kitchen table and fun stuff like that.  The living room is a mess - I pulled everything away from one wall so I could repaint.  Painting is done, but I need to hang some picture ledges and shelves and the hubby wants to re-wire and get rid of some of the 700 miles of wire back there before I move it back.  That part may get postponed.


Anyhooo, the Countdown to Halloween begins tomorrow!  Can you believe it's October Eve already?  I was so happy to see the badges this year ARE the cool masks from back in the day.  I couldn't choose just one, so I am using them ALL!!  


September 21, 2015

Almost time!!!

Traditionally, my cemetery set up begins the day after Miss Angela's birthday (the 28th).  And she will never let me forget exactly when her birthday is (she'll be 18 this year and I'm taking her to get a tattoo!  My thoughts are I'd rather take her to a reputable place myself instead of some crappy dive with her friends).

Anyhoooooo, I've been starting posts for the Countdown to Halloween!  I love reading other blogs that are participating, too.   Lots of cool ideas and topics are covered.   I wonder what the badges will be this year?  I see the blog title over there has kids in the classic plastic costumes & masks - I hope that's what they are!  

Anyway - the menagerie is growing..... in more ways than one!  First of all - meet Daisy Mae.  She just turned 4 months old and we've had her since the 11th.  She was born in my sister's barn and altho we hadn't planned to get another cat - let alone a baby - I couldn't resist that face!  The older cats took a little convincing, but they're warming up to her. 
Another new addition is less high-maintenance.  This is the Brutus Bonez from CVS.  I got him for 30% off!  Jack really isn't amused. 
I did the Secret Reaper on the Halloween Forum again.  I'm still waiting to get my reaping, but my victim was happy to receive these dolls that have been sitting in a box in my garage for WAY too long.  I got a bunch, thinking to creep them up...then decided they weren't my style.  
Round 2 is coming up and I should be getting that victim anytime.  These are such fun! 

Anyhooo - I have one critter telling me she's hungry and another telling me he wants outside, so later!


September 15, 2015

Spirit 6 1/2 foot skeleton

So after a bit of waffling, I broke down and ordered Spirit's 6'6" hanging skeleton.  They're normally $100, but I used one of the 20% email coupons (only to get a 25% a couple days later, dammit!)

I was mildly concerned, because the shipping info said the box was 14x14x14 inches! There's no freakin' way the box could be that small! wasn't.   I also appreciate the unmarked box!
 Look at the size of that melon!
 It was tied up neatly with twine to keep it all in place.  
 I'm 5'8" so the size is pretty close.  I didn't actually measure it. 
 His profile is somewhat bull-doggish with its underbite. 
 The shoulder contraption is interesting.  Lots of use of zipties.
 I can see why they say it's for indoor / covered outdoor use only - there's hot glue where the bottom of the pelvis meets. The arms & legs are held on with those pegs.    
 Jack always has to check out what I'm doing.   
 His one foot is kinda funky, but since I'm not fitting him for pointe shoes or anything, I don't care. 

 Here are zipties holding the rib sections together.  
 The ribs are only cross-sections.  Here's where they meet the spine. 
I like the overall size of it and think it'll be a great addition to the Maple Grove Cemetery this year!


September 13, 2015

Pumpkin stuff at CVS

I was surprised at the amount of pumpkin spice goodies they were offering! 
And almost all of it was on a single display!

 I bought a box of Pop-Tarts.  

edit - these almonds are GOOOOD!!!!


September 11, 2015

Shall Not Forget....

(all images grabbed off Facebook - I can't claim this awesomeness)

Darryl Worley - Have You Forgotten

September 06, 2015

Yankee Candle part 2

I don't know what time Yankee Candle actually put these up online, but the dog woke me up at 6:30 the morning of the preview party and I decided since I was already awake that I'd check - and they were up!  I follow the Boney Bunch Love FaceBook page and whoever runs that is an awesome person.  They posted coupons $15 off $45 purchase so I happily used that on the following.   This dog house was an online exclusive, so since I was placing an order anyway.....

It's really cute. 
 The dog cracks me up! 

 The Crazy Cat Lady
the website now says she's online exclusive, too. 
And from the "Spellbound" collection -  Dancing Skeletons
 and the Sophia Trick or Treat votive.  This is a lot cuter than I expected it to be!  

I controlled myself pretty well this year.  There's a couple I'm still hemming & hawing about (the Last Call Bartender and the Telebone) but if I don't get them, I'm OK with it. 

During the Countdown to Halloween (did I mention that??  I signed up again!) I'll do a full rundown of all the pieces I have, just because I can.


September 04, 2015

Home Depot & stuff

Yeah, I was intrigued with all the hype regarding the Home depot offerings this year.  So after a chaotic day at work, I did some retail therapy.  

These huge freakin' skulls were awesome! $50. They had a ginormous 3 foot tall gargoyle, too.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture, since I like gargoyles!
 I'm not sure why everything has LED eyes this year.   
I caved and got one of their $30 pose & stays.  It's very lightweight and also has LED eyes.  I'll have a review up on it soon. 
 Now THIS I was very impressed with.  It's very heavy resin and almost 2 feet tall (with LED eyes, of course).  I like the detail and heft and the perfect amount of goofy to fit in my cemetery.  Best of all....$15!!!  The only thing I noticed that could be a problem is that the base is somewhat narrow, so if its sitting on uneven ground it could fall forward or back.   And there doesn't seem anyway to anchor it to the ground. 
I saw the fire & ice lights there, but they only had red & purple.  If they had blue, I probably would have been all over it.  So I got the ghosties instead.  They also had skeletons, spiders & one other that I can't remember. 
I like how the post is easily adjustable. 
 Let's see if the video works.....

I also popped into Hobby Lobby where for some reason all Fall and Christmas stuff was 40% off, but not the Halloween.  But that's OK.  I didn't see anything I liked there.  But my nutcracker collection is more racially diverse now!  Seriously - I've never seen black nutcrackers before - love them!!  
 I'm still on the quest for the hearse from Home Goods.  I found this one the other day....hidden amongst the fall stuff.
Which I like a lot, but I've seen pics of a silver one with a driver that I'd like, too. 
Now I need to come up with a suitable horse.....

This plate is pretty awesome.  I got the smaller of the ones available.  They had silver & gold & red, too.  This actually has red tints in the black when the light hits it just right. 
I got this today.  Come on - a blinged out purple skull candle holder - awesome! 

Kmart didn't have much out yet, but then again - its technically still back-to-school time since around here school doesn't start until the Tuesday after Labor Day.  Sooon! 

They always have the best hand towels. 

 I got this neat throw pillow and only 1 towel (so far - muahaha!) 
 I was thinking of kicking back with a Buzzball (never had one before) but Randy is out with a bunch of people from work, celebrating with envy the guy who is moving on to new opportunities so I don't want to crack open something with 17% alcohol if I may need to pick him up.  So it'll wait til later!  I need to finish getting my Secret Reaper gift together so I can get it mailed out anyway.  Or I could be domestic and like OMG, clean my house....