October 09, 2013

Countdown - 22 days - The Unwitting Prop

I was at work Monday when my daughter called me (she'd been home from school for maybe 15 minutes and had already called to check in) she said that some guy had been knocking at the door, wearing a reflective vest and hard hat.  She knows not to answer the door, but the dog was outside barking like an idiot. She sounded concerned, so I told her I was leaving work right then.  

We've had water lines marked in the front yard for several days, so we figured it was our next-door neighbor's turn to have her septic field replaced, but they shouldn't need to bother us!  

I pulled onto our street to see several large utility trucks.  I wasn't even sure I could get to my house, so I stopped and asked a guy if I could get to the little white house right there.  He said yeah, but we're digging in your yard.  WTF!!!!  I hurried up and went around 2 large trucks and a smallish backhoe and pulled into the driveway.  As I crossed the yard, I saw a ginormous hole and corresponding pile of dirt in the yard.  Lovely. 

One of the guys came over and explained that the neighbor across the street had a gas leak and they were replacing the gas line and they'd be done in about an hour & a half.  So I asked if they needed me to move anything (I was concerned about that JOL blowmold!)  They said no, everything was fine. But they asked when they were done, if I would move a headstone to this area?  


How could I resist such a request???

I was looking at this pic last night while talking to my sister, and she commented about too bad I couldn't make it look like 2 really big graves.  I couldn't make 2 graves, but I could make a new stone, just for this area!!!  I painted this last night (I know my spacing sucks, I didn't measure) and I put it out before I left for work.  Can't wait to see it tonight when it's light out!

Appropriate, no?


  1. Definitely turning a negative into a positive! Very cool!

    1. Thanks!
      I have a small fence I'm going to put out there and am thinking of getting some of those little solar lights to put by the stone.

  2. Bahahahahah - Way to make lemonade out of a box of lemons! That's hilarious!

    1. Thanks! I should give my sister credit for being the one I was talking to when I idea came to me!


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