April 30, 2019

Happy Neewollah Day!

I've never heard of this before, but let's celebrate anyway!

Grab a beverage!

Things have been pretty quiet around here.  No real planning is happening yet, other than the occasional note jotted down or YouTube video watched. 

Easter happened and Chuck had a good time.

 Taking a nap in the sunshine with Ranger.
 Hunting for Easter eggs....

 Found an egg!
Dammit, Chuck!
 He also got swarmed by kittens!!

There were actually 5 in this litter, but you know that saying about herding cats?? 
They were quicker than me!
 What a beautiful day!
 Muddy, but beautiful!

Chuck also got mugged by Girl Scouts. 

And this is Thorington Schoolhouse in Washington Twp, MI.
I drive by this all the time going to my sister's house and finally stopped at dusk one day to get some pics.  I've always thought it was random & cool.

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April 14, 2019

200 Days! an update

O. M. G.!!

So what's been going on wit you?

I had such a dilemma this weekend.  Saturday was calling for 60* and not crappy so I was really looking forward to working outside in the yard like all day. 
Then I realized there was a Motor City Haunt Club meeting!   I hadn't heard anything about it and almost forgot.  So I dropped a message on the FB page and yup.  It was still on.  Damn.
I waffled around a bit and decided I could still get a lot of work done in the yard if I came right home afterward and stayed away from Woodlawn Cemetery.   Plus I won't be able to make the May meeting, so I really wanted to go.
One of the ladies from the Club, also named Lisa, brought in pieces of corrugated plastic and the decals to make this cool road sign.  I'm still not sure what I'll do with the corpsed bird that I made last month, but I think this'll look good inside the shack this year. 

So in addition to working in the yard - we got to do this....
This ugly scrub tree sprouted up thru their chain link fence and was slowly breaking our privacy fence into pieces.  I'm not sad to see it go!   Not sure how we're going to get it out, tho.  It has literally devoured the top horizontal bar of the fence.  And we won't be able to replace that giant hole until that stump is gone, either. 
 And I'm sure all the neighbor's thought I was weird, but I mowed the lawn!  Usually we wait until it's a jungle, but since it hadn't been done since before I set up the cemetery last year..... it needed help.
It's still a mess.  I had raked the front & side yards and part of the back but just decided to see if the mower could fluff it up where it was packed down by winter & snow.   I need to put weed & feed down.  And something for grubs since we have a serious mole problem.   There are spots just off the patio where Jack (RIP) was barely going off the patio to pee and all the meds he was taking just killed the grass in that area.   And in the front yard where the gas company dug up the yard and put their roll of burlap / hay / seed down is a different kind of grass than the rest of our yard and isn't greening up as quick as the rest.  So that's looks pretty horrible right smack in the middle of our front yard. 

I was entertained going around and still seeing where the shack, coffin and various headstones had been!

But it's nice to be able to go outside in a short sleeved shirt or just a hoodie and do stuff.  I have mounds of white hyacinths blooming and they smell so good!  
There are buds on my tulips that'll open soon if the deer don't eat them all first.  I've seen a few that have been chomped off already.  I never realized how much having a dog in the yard keeps the deer away.  It's a good thing I'll be puppy-sitting for my sister again soon!
And the leaves are starting to open up on my lilac and the maples are dropping what we call "tree shittle" - I guess it's some kind of covering over the new leaves, but it's everywhere. 

So, if you ask me now....spring is my favorite time of the year.  But if you ask me in like September - fall is my favorite!   So I have to say they're pretty close to equal faves.

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