November 20, 2019

Creepmas is coming! And stuff...

I'm a CREEP for The 13 Days of CREEPMAS

OMG - It's that time again!  I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the badges posted on a couple other blogs.  If you're interested in Creepmas, to go the link & sign up!  Need to know more?  Check it out here....  

In a nutshell, since Christmas takes over the stores and such in like August, we're putting a little bit of  Halloween into the Christmas season.

So anyway.  Whew, it's been a minute!  

Like I planned, pretty much as soon as trick or treating (such as it was, we only had about 20-25 stalwart souls who came by) was over, we started moving taller things up against the house and putting the lighter things inside the coffin so they couldn't blow away.  Normally I leave the lights on until I go to bed, but I turned them all off as soon as we were done.  Since it was cold & raining, I didn't even sit out in the driveway and just look out over the cemetery, like I usually do.

Sorry peeps! 

And then I'm pretty sure we never got the 55 mph winds they were calling for.  I don't think we got much at all.

And of course, then Friday was chilly, but the sun was out.  The Spouse and I had the cemetery down by mid-afternoon, along with the flowerbeds cleaned up.  It would have been quicker, but we kept getting distracted by the guys cutting down a huge tree 2 doors down.   Saturday was pretty yucky so we did stuff inside.  Then Sunday was sunny again, so we got all the H'ween goodies put away, and the lawn mowed one last time. 

Spawn was supposed to be cleaning her room and came out like this.

Normal, right??

I really didn't have much inside the house - and honestly?  What I did bring in is still here!  Mainly my nutcrackers & the very few things that I picked up while out shopping. 

So last Monday, we got hit with our first blast of snow.  Yay.   
We got another good inch that night.  Blargh.  On the plus side, most of it is gone already.  Which is great, since my darn trees still aren't done dropping leaves!

I found this picture on Facebook and I will totally be doing this!
And while I was getting the supplies at Joann's, I found these adorable earrings!
I know they're for the "other" holiday.
I'm such a sucker for funky holiday earrings.  And socks. 
Chuck went out to play before all the snow melted.  He stopped to visit with the snowman.  

4 days ago and look how many leaves are still up there!
OK, this looks like a school photo! 
Spawn found the perfect pair of pajamas at Walmart the other night!

The Spouse is currently out of town, so I've been on a purging spree of all the STUFF around this house.   There are a couple places I haven't gotten to yet, where I am sure I stuck Halloween stuff.  Can't wait to see what I find!