June 10, 2023

143 days!

OK, so I missed 150...  143 doesn't quite have the same ring to it, but oh well! 

So it's been pretty uneventful around here.  
Chuck (and the grandkids) helped me plant a gorgeous new rose bush.
But thoughts & plans are slowly being worked on. 
I found the ideal paint for the new headstones from my favorite place - the Lowe's Ooops Paint section!  I got this $50 can of paint for $13!  The swatch on top looked like a pale tan-ish color, but it's actually more gray, so the perfect headstone color.  
This kinda looks like a face!

I have all the mechanical parts (I think) for the little skeleton popper guy.  I just need to start putting it all together.  I have a thought in mind on how to make the holder for the reindeer motor & skeleton be separate from, yet attached to the headstone for ease in storage.  But I need to sketch it out so I can see it first.  

His stone is the one on the far right.   It's just got some basic scallops across the top.  
The one in the middle is sideways, but it's for my car that got wrecked - it's taller on one side.  The round one is for the Spawn's car that gracefully died in our driveway.   Then the little filler stones are on the bottom.  

Anyhooo.  After the headstones.... the next project will be skeleton repair.  But I won't be working on that until probably September, since once I unbury them from the back of the garage, I won't want to be be putting them back away!