October 23, 2013

Countdown - 8 days - Halloween trees & village

I would love to have one of those 6 foot black trees to decorate in orange & purple, but I don't.  So I must make do with mini-trees. 
 This one is on top of the bookshelf full of Yankee Candle's Boney Bunch pieces. 

 This one stays up year round & gets decorations changed seasonally. 
It is wrong that there's an eyeball in the Stanley Cup?

 This one is on the shelf over the TV. 

 This one was sitting on top of the aquarium, but it needs to go someplace where it can sit flat. 

 I'm been acquiring random village pieces this year, too. 
None of them match, but I figure most neighborhoods don't, so it's cool. 

 The clock tower is my favorite piece!
Yes, there are usually plants on the table, but they were sitting off on the floor for pics. 

OMG - 8 days!!!!
So not ready. 


  1. Really dig that vineyard looking tree with the creepy ornaments you have over your TV Lisa. You have a lot of interior decorations! We don't do so well on interior but we have very few visitors that come inside. Would like to do some Halloween Vintage stuff though.

  2. Fun stuff! Love your trees and houses. We finally got a small, black, light-up Halloween tree this year. Wish it was bigger, too!


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