January 30, 2013

Taking the plunge!

Today was sign ups for the Blogging A-Z April Challenge & this blog is # 277!  This is my second year doing this.

This challenge in a nutshell... there are 26 days in April, not counting Sundays.  Each day, the topic will begin with a letter of the alphabet.  April 1 = A, April 2 =B, etc.  Simple as that!  And since this is a Halloween themed blog, I'll post stuff like prop and food ideas, decor and of course, cemeteries.  You don't even need an actual theme!

I really like that they're giving you the option to categorize your blog, so if you don't really want to read about book reviews or gaming, you can easily avoid them!    Too bad it only looks like about half (so far) of the sign ups have done it.  I put this under "Miscellaneous".  It didn't seem to fit anywhere else.  I thought about putting it under "craft" since I personally made most of the props and such, but if I'm posting cemeteries, too?  Nope.  Not crafty.

Last year I was slightly freaked out, since I jumped right in with all 3 blogs.  It wasn't as bad as I thought, but I did learn a few things to do differently.   I already have a spreadsheet 98% of the way filled out with topics for each blog (darn those X's & Y's!!) and I have created and pre-scheduled posts for each one already, even though the only content is the letter of the alphabet and maybe a link or idea. I'll go back and edit each one later.  I did this last year & it worked.  What I learned.....

Lesson #1 - make sure to actually edit them!  I missed a couple last year.  Embarrassing!
Lesson #2 - put a blurb at the beginning of each challenge post with what is going on to differentiate these from regular posts.
Lesson #3 - don't ignore regular posts

So come and join in!  you know you want to!

January 19, 2013

It's hockey time!!!

Woohoo!  For those of us who don't like football or basketball, its been a long winter.  The lockout is over & the puck drops tonight at 8 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis - WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!

January 12, 2013


Guess I might have to pay a visit to Vermont someday!

January 06, 2013

Merry Hallowmas!

What could be better than getting a present?  A present of Halloween items! 

The Frog Queen over at the Frog on the Pumpkin blog had some goodies around the house and I was the chosen one to receive the goodies!   I just got them yesterday and may have giggled out loud as I plucked the box from the snowpile my lovely mail person set it in. 

Everything is a delight and it included an awesome 5x7 photo of the Davis Graveyard!   

It totally passed inspection by both Chester and Jack. 
(notice Jack with his nose to the cookie boxes!)

I have to note, the zombie mirror clings are hysterical.  You take the zombie facial features (eyes, noses, mouths, scars) and  put them on your bathroom mirror.  So when you can be entertained, making yourself into a zombie while brushing your teeth or whatever. 

I'm going to wear the hair clip to work tomorrow and watch reactions. 

And for the pièce de résistance.....

 Miss Maddie just loves the costume - 
can't you tell by her expression?
It fits her perfectly!

 Jack had to get in on the fun.

Chester loves it, too!
He's got a big melon, so it doesn't fit as well on him. 

Many, many thanks to Chris & Jeff for the goodies!