September 22, 2021

Welcome Autumn!

It's officially autumn!!!
The equinox happened at 3:20 pm EST.
Time to bust out the pumpkin spice donuts & goodies.

Thought I'd do a quick post to welcome my favorite season before the Countdown to Halloween starts NEXT WEEK!
I have most of the cemetery staged in the back yard.  I was hoping to get it all cleaned up, but it started raining tonight and we got over an inch in less than 1 1/2 hours, and it's still going.  So hopefully the rain washes all the gross spiderwebs and dead bugs off everything!
I had a helper.  
The grandson helped me to bring critter skeletons out of the shed and he found a pencil somewhere and added his own touch to at least one of the headstones. 
He also helped me to stack the headstones against the garage tonight and tuck all the blowmolds up against the house before the rain.  
The grandson loves this guy from Target!
Here's Chuck at his family reunion!
Chuck learned some land navigation with my search & rescue team this summer. 
Speaking of critter skeletons.... they get stored up in this tiny little loft in the shed. 
Over to the left under the cat skeletons, was a bunch of the coco fiber planter liner stuff.  I poked it with a stick and saw a couple little faces look at me, but the fur looked gray and I couldn't tell what they were. 
But this adorable little guy fell out of the loft and was under the lawn mower.  When I went back a couple hours later and he was still there, trying to burrow into the dirt.  So I picked him up and returned him to the nest.  Definitely not gray!  I like to think he was happy he was going home, since right after I took this pic and put my phone down, he started wagging his tail.   I hope they move on before I have to put the skeletons away!
The grandson likes to watch Blippi.  
Isn't it quaint how many Halloween decorations he has for the outside of his house?
Another big happening in October?  The granddaughter is due on the 13th! 

Time to sign off for the night.
See you soon!