July 29, 2023

Shaking my head / laughing under my breath

Someone tell me - is there anything about this blog that you're looking at RIGHT NOW that would give you the impression that this was an actual business / office for a real cemetery???

Thankfully I have comments moderated, because someone left this comment on a post I made back in 2019.  

"I paid to have a headstone set at my grandmothers grave in March 2023.  It's now Mid July. Headstone is still not set.  Nobody calls me back after 7 messages.  The headstone was delivered and set against a tree.  Then moved and dropped on the grass where it's been for 2 months.  The management company cashed my check and never set the headstone.  My mother had been so disappointed and upset.  Shame on IMG Management and Maple Grove Cemetery for making this a miserable experience."

While this is sad this has happened to someone (who posted anonymously) I would love to know what they were thinking!  

July 27, 2023

HalloweenCostumes.com skeleton

I missed the big milestone again!  96 days doesn't sound the same as 100 or 99.  

But oh well!

Still no major happenings going on.  I haven't touched the headstone popper guy at all. I'm a weenie when it comes to being outside and it's been too darn hot!  

However..... we have a new friend!  

I ordered the 74" skeleton from HalloweenCostumes.com for what I thought was a fairly reasonable $60.
So let's unbox him!
Chuck for scale...
And of course, the grandkids saw pictures being taken, so they joined in. 
He's been named Marvin already. 
I really like that his head turns from both side to side and up & down with a nice range of  motion.
Elbow joints are pretty standard. 
So much for keeping the box!
The ribs are formed plastic but still pretty sturdy feeling. 
I like how it's all one piece. 
I also like how they covered the screws going into the ball of the hip. 
The feet & ankles also feel pretty sturdy. 
Standard knee joints. 
He's got a decent face.  
When I saw his picture on the website, the skull looked kind of small for the rest of the body, but it's fine. 
Jaws open & close. 
Neck is solid. 
If anything, the spine looks a bit long. but I didn't expect anatomical perfection! 

So overall, I'm quite pleased with Marvin and look forward to him joining the Clan in the cemetery!