October 08, 2013

Countdown - 23 days - Maple Grove, Keswick

 Stop #3 on the Maple Grove Road Trip

If you look closely - there is a girl hanging out the passenger side of the car and an arm waving from the driver's side.  They thought it would be fun to photobomb my pics!

 This was pretty neat. 

 There was a lot of moss on everything!

 Couldn't resist taking this one - it's my last name!

 This was a row of the same family - 4 out of 5 have military markers. 

 I held the camera upside down for this.  The little bush was right in front of the stone. 

 Ginormous Maple Tree!

 I love the color of this one!!

 The Old English D I understand, but the halter on the hook is confusing. 

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  1. Wonderful pics, but that stone basket stands out, without a doubt! So cool.


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