October 27, 2013

Countdown - 4 days - Resurrection Cemetery / Witch Crawl.

Yeah, I missed a day and this one is gonna be posted late in the day.  Oh well!  I got my house clean yesterday & the fence installed around the cemetery - AND went on a Witch Crawl is 50 new friends. 

Laurie, me, Linda

A percentage of our tabs went to breast cancer research, which is why we wore pink.
This is the only pic with my phone - Laurie got a ton with her camera, but is also the only person on earth with a camera that does not have an SD card for easy pic retrieval.  Hope she will send the rest to me soon!

Onto my real post.....this is a 300 acre/ 13000+ cemetery located in Clinton Township, Macomb County. I knew my aunt & uncle were buried here, but since it has been 9 years since the car accident that took them so soon. I really didn't think it would be possible to find them on my own. 

Due to the sheer size of this place, I did most of my picture taking from the car.  
They also have this neat section called Stations of the Cross - I posted about that HERE.

 I'm sure someone can read that.  Not me!

 I like the lighthouse!

 I saw the military section as I drove by looking for the gate.  
I knew I'd have to track it down ad explore. 

 Army / Navy / Marines

 Coast Guard / Air Force / POW/MIA

 The flag with the Pledge.

 I thought this was interesting with the multiple names on each stone. 

 This was in the middle of the baby section. 

I got out of the car to look at this one closer and as I went back to the car, 
I happened to look down. 

 Uncle Al & Aunt Shelby !!!

If you look close, there is a green golf ball between their stones.  They were avid golfers and had been on their way to a tournament when they were in a car accident. 

The little tree that they're under. 

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