2016 / 2017

I went with a loose Masquerade Ball theme and worked out a playlist of dance-able Halloween music to be playing during Trick or Treating. 
 Social Media blocks!  
Cameo appearance by Jack.
Now after dark.....
The lighting is on the cool side with the blues & greens. 
My husband & daughter put WAY more effort into their JOL designs than I did!

I was kind of wishy-washy with my theme this year.  I thought about a fox-hunting scene, then thought nah.  Fox hunting + cemetery don't really go together.  Ya know what?  I had a fox hunting scene, but I'm pretty sure nobody noticed there was no fox!  

I also made the effort of naming my skeletons this year.  Some will probably change from year-to-year as needed, but some will stay the same. 
named after the late, great Gordie Howe. 
GH was a Detroit Red Wings player. I am a Detroit Red Wings fan!
GH was a native Canadian.
Canada = maple leaf
Maple Grove. 
Dimitri, the Master of Hounds
ZipTie the horse is obviously a new addition this year.  
I bought him as soon as I saw them go on sale in April.  
 The little guys' Conga line. 
 The Bopsie Twins
4 foot skeletons
Dorothy & Ethel, the crazy cat ladies. 
He's a 6.5 feet tall
 Moulder & Skelly
 Bettina the Gypsy
Her little flower basket has aluminum pieces on the fringe 
that tinkles so eerily in the breeze!
Ded Fred & Ded Ted 
 Lola the Mourner 
 Another new last-minute addition.
DucTape the pony!

After dark....
I had both real candles & tiki torches going. 
Frank's been up against the house ever since I got him.
He looks thrilled to be out in the middle of the cemetery!
I got an LED multi-color 'disco' light that moves like a fire & ice light.  It looked like we were having a rave in the front yard, so I put it in a bucket so it shined up into the trees.  Since we never lose our leaves until at least Thanksgiving, this worked out well and looked really cool, too.  

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