October 24, 2013

Countdown - 7 days - Clifton / Clinton Grove / Kline Cemteries

Got another trio today.  

Clifton Cemetery is in Washington Twp, Oakland County.  25 graves located on a dirt road.  

This looks like a repair to me.  Seems like part of it is missing.

I like the waving flag on this one. 
the next pic is the bottom half of the stone. 

Located in Clinton Twp., Macomb County.  14,000+ graves.  I barely made a dent in the acreage in this place and I was there for hours!  I was here early in the Spring, which explains the lack of leaves on some of the trees. 

Love how the road goes around this tree. 


These signature stones are really cool. 

There was a hole in the back of a crypt. 
 I turned the flash on and stuck my camera in and this is what I got. 

In memory of the Moravian Mission to the Indians.
Erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution

Woodsmen of the World
with a lot of stones on top.

I thought this was odd at the time, but now I think that some grave blankets had been lying there when the grass started to grow. 

 "In memoriam
Blessed are the Dead
Which Die in the Lord"
Rev 14.13

I went along and fixed any flags that had been falling over. 


 Another Woodsmen of the World plaque.

Next on the stop is Kline, located in Rochester, Oakland County.  I had to drive by 3 times before seeing the cemetery with these 40 graves.  The driveway was open, but the chain-link fence was overgrown with vines and the sign was not visible from the road. 

This is why it was hard to find!
It appeared to be a family cemetery. 

Something was moving around in this bunch of bushes. 
I wasn't about to dig around and see what leaped out at me.
I'm thinking deer really like this area, since there were a lot of places along the fence line where something had clearly been lying there.

Note to self....shorts & flipflops are not good attire for exploring overgrown cemeteries.  
This grass was very sharp & had lots of bugs. 

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