September 30, 2014

C2H - 31 days - And So It Begins....

For the next 31 days, I'm going to be posting every day (except Sunday - just because I don't wanna!) to usher in the most fantabulous day of the year!

I'll post some songs / videos, cemeteries that I explored, decor around my house, closeups of the Maple Grove Cemetery, some of this, some of that and some of the other.  So come back every day!

So until's a really disturbing Patrick I found at Rite-Aid.  The flower on his plants is in the WRONG place!


September 23, 2014

Happy Fall !!

Happy first day of fall, ya'll !

Did anyone else try to balance an egg on end?  One of my old high school teachers did that around the Equinox and it stood for a good 3 days.  I think I have mutant eggs in this dozen in my fridge anyway.  Out of the 6 I've already used, 2 have had double yolks.  

Lots of people are getting cooler weather - I think it's going to be perfect all week.  Around 50 at night and 70 during the day.  Excellent!  We noticed leaves changing while on vacation last month and there's a lot more now - but just here & there.  I saw a tree today that the top 1/4 was brilliant red and the rest still green.  Weird!  I haven't gotten pictures of any yet, but I will.  Once leaves really start to change, we'll have another senior picture sitting for Miss Angela with our photographer at a beautiful local park.  

Speaking of Miss Angela - this Sunday is her birthday (17 - where did my baby go?? sniff)  Which means decorating is fair game!  Normally I'm 'required' to wait til after her birthday to start, but she's busy with her homecoming parade and football game on Friday and the dance on Saturday and Sunday we're doing our annual orchard trip with the family.  So the cemetery will start appearing probably Saturday.  I pulled the stones out tonight and hosed all the spider webs and miscellaneous grossness off them.  Next will be the blowmolds. 

Oh, I took 3 of the smaller plywood stones and glued 2 inch pink foam to them.  I was surprised at how easily the edges sanded down - and now I'm ready to try carving.  But I don't know what I want them to say!!  Ugh.  

Have I ever mentioned the new sign?  I found this twin-sized headboard at a garage sale for $2 and thought it was the perfect shape & size. This is a crappy pic, since I just took it to see how the lettering looked.  I've actually done a small bit of tweaking on the M and the G since I took this, made them bigger. It needs something in the middle - maybe a maple leaf of something. 

I've done more browsing than buying this year.  Rite Aid was extremely disappointing.  Walgreens has not impressed me much - nobody has even mentioned their $40 skeletons this year over the Costco excitement (but I will be stalking them for the half-off sales on Nov 1!)  I haven't been in any CVS's, because they're usually are pretty sad.  I found a pretty skeleton in a fancy dress at a local Bordine's Nursery.  I may have to go back and get the gentleman skelly to go with her.  25% off was nice, too.  Honestly, no place has really wowwed me.  Meijer had some neat stuff to look at.

 Pretty sure I have one of the kitties. 
 This one was sort of odd - the one is kneeling behind the bigger skull. 
 This reaper was actually a pretty decent size - well over a foot tall. 

 I have a bunch of these - so I didn't buy any more. 
 I did pick up one of these fabulous top-hat skulls. 

Boy, this ended up being a rambling post!  I need to start working on pre-writing the Countdown posts.  I get stressed out if I have to write them that day & then they end up being (in my opinion) lame. 

Oh, and screw's HOCKEY season!!  The Red Wings played (and won) their first pre-season game last night - woohoo!  I don't get to sit around and watch them as much as I'd like to, but I get notifications on my phone so I can still cheer them on. 

September 19, 2014

The Countdown is Coming !!!

The Countdown to Halloween is ON !

OK, not yet - but it will be soon!  Starting October 1, I'll be posting probably every day, right down to THE big day!

This is my 4th year of participating in the Countdown.  I don't have a theme in mind or anything.  I'll do Cemetery Tuesdays and there will be a mismash of this, that and the other.

Sheesh - I'm "not allowed" to start setting up or decorating until after the spawn's birthday....and it's just next weekend!  Holy smokes!

September 11, 2014

September 02, 2014

The Countdown is lurking!

I recently got an email from John Rozum, one of the masterminds behind the annual Countdown to Halloween, asking if I was participating again this year - of course!

So while I have a few posts worth of stuff I could do now, I'm going to save them for the Countdown.

So if you don't hear much from me in the next month - that's why!

Here's a peek at a little something I got from Bronner's while on vacation...I know it's a Christmas Wonderland, but it's not all they have!