December 29, 2015

I won something & I bought some stuff....

So just for following the lovely Miss Miranda over at Spooky Little Halloween, I was entered into a drawing for a really cool book. And I won!
I confess to being kind of 'meh' about it at first, since I'm not really into blood & gore & hardcore horror. But this is actually really awesome! It's broken down into chapters like vampires, werewolves, man-made monsters (aka Frankenstein), aliens, ghosts, etc. It's full of images from old movie posters, paintings, magazines, illustrations - the whole gamut! If you click on the link up there, Miranda posted more pictures on that link, but these are a few of my favorites...

The cover art for the book "The Clock Strikes Twelve" by H.R. Wakefield
drawn by Ronald Clyne
"Bat-woman" circa 1890, by Albert-Joseph Penot
On the front endpaper...
"Hellscape", part of 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' by Hieronymus Bosch
Me & some friends wasted a lot of classtime in 12th grade when we found this in a book. It's one of those pieces where you're always finding something new & interesting in it.
Christmas was really nice - Hubby got a me FitBit that I asked for, as well as the autobiography of Phil Collen from Def Leppard (my favorite band since high school) and this neat book. I haven't got into this one yet, since I started reading Adrenalized first. 
We got Randy a Man Crate - full of bacon jerky, bacon popcorn, bacon sunflower seeds, bacon peanut brittle, etc.  It was hilarious because it came in a wooden crate and they sent a crowbar with it, and I selected the option of having it shipped in a "diabolical duct tape cocoon"!  So the crate was in a cardboard box, and completely covered in duct tape.  And we got the girl a laptop.  There was other stuff, but those were the big things. 

Christmas Day / afternoon we met up with the rest of my family at Frankenmuth and stayed at the Bavarian Inn that has a waterpark.  Saturday, we went to Bronner's.  You can find ornaments for just about anything (except ham radio - I've looked! Randy & I are both amateur radio operators, but I digress)  It can be very pricey, tho!  I only bought 7 ornaments & big Mrs. Claus blowmold and spent $125 (~swoon~)

I still can't believe I dropped $20 on this one.  But look at the detail & glitter!  It's about 5 inches long.  I don't normally like the blown glass ornaments, but this is a nice one. 
The one on the left will look nice with some fake snow or something inside it to show off the trees.  And on the right has haunted houses & scary trees & the graveyard. 
 I really like it!
For shitz & gigglez - here's the rest of what I got there...

 The purple peacock bulb really caught my attention.  
The lighting in this pic doesn't do it justice. 
And it's hard to have a crappy Christmas when you have a happy toilet on your tree!
The heavy silver angel cat says 'In Loving Memory' and 
I'll write the names of our 2 cats that crossed the Rainbow Bridge on it. 
It's tough to find girl sailors, so I got this cute little guy for me 
and will put my rate & rank on the bottom part.
(8 years in the Navy 1992-2000)
And here's Mrs. Claus.  I've been wanting her forever and couldn't pass her up because she was on clearance for $35!  She was a display model and has a tiny little bit of paint damage on her face.  But unless you're all up in her grill, you can't see it!
She goes well with the Santa.
 So how was your Christmas?


December 25, 2015

from all of us to all of you....

But seriously, from all of us at the Love Shaque... 
Peace and all that good stuff,
Lisa, Randy & Angela
Jack, Chester, Maddie & DaisyMae

December 14, 2015

Wow, that sucked!

I don't think I have ever so epically failed a countdown linkup before!  I apologize to anyone who stopped by and saw NOTHING!  But ya know - life happens.  I will go visiting the other blogs, too.

I finally unpacked the nutcracker troops - Rudy hung out with the girls.....
 And the rest of the squad.
 We played with the Rudolph toys

 Found some neat stuff at the Salvation Army - I think he'd fit right in with my snowmen & Santas out in the yard right now.  Put a Santa hat on him and call it good!
This witchy nutcracker came from a Detroit store that was bought out in 1999, so she's a nice old hag!  Love her skull!
But the main thing we did this weekend was attend the Spawn's first dance competition of the season!  It was their first time competing as an "All Star" team, against some really good, established teams of high school cheerleaders.  But they pulled in 4th place, so they held their own! 

So I again apologize for missing the last couple days of Creepmas - but Rudy's still not going back into the garage!   We're having a family gathering on Christmas Eve at my sister's house and then on Christmas afternoon we're all meeting about an hour or so north of us at Frankenmuth.  The hotel has a water park and we'll go to Bronner's and all that touristy stuff.  However, I will probably take Chuck from the Ohio trip, since Rudy likes to pop his legs off when I pose him.  Chuck can handle the family playing with him better.  Rudy can stay home and hopefully keep the kitten from messing with the tree!


December 10, 2015

Creepmas Day 10 - mmmm hot chocolate!

There's nothing like some hot chocolate to warm one's bones!
 Selfie with BFF Hungry Monster! 

 OK, forget the hot chocolate - let's go for wine!


December 09, 2015

Creepmas Day 9 - decorating the tree


We've not been in a hurry to decorate the tree for one reason....

aka Daisy
I don't think any further explanation is needed!
 So far, the only thing she seems to be interested in is this one green ball.  Here it is behind the door to the dog's crate.

Rudy likes the Detroit Red Wings tree!
 And the Tim Horton's tree, too!
 Miss Angela's collection of dance ornaments.

 My niece got me this big ol' thing a couple years ago & I love it! 
 Penguins & bacon & ballerinas, oh my!
 And what tree is complete without it's own aircraft carrier?


December 08, 2015

Creepmas Day 8 - Rudy likes cartoons!

He enjoyed watched Rudolph.

But his favorite thing ever is Calvin & Hobbes!