July 12, 2022

Houston Road Trip

I got to go on vacation without the rest of the family! Chuck and I drove to Cincinnati to meet up with one of my Navy sisters and then drive together down to Houston to meet up with the 3rd for a week!

I left the Friday before Memorial Day and came home the next week.
Welcome to Ohio!
On the road!
L to R - Me, Otis the Spud Pug and Laura
We stopped to get gas somewhere I believe in BFE Texas and they had these cool metal yard art animals out front.
These were grill / smokers!
At the hotel.
Is this what Texas GMOs do to cucumbers???
We went to see some fireworks.
They had some cool veteran related statues - we had to get a pic of the Navy emblem.
Don't blink! They seriously only lasted about 7 minutes.
We sat at the bottom of a waterfall.
The few fireworks staged around the pond.
We'd heard all about Buc-ee's so we had to go check it out.
This one is in Katy.
We tried to chase down the actual Buc-ee who was walking around, but we'd just gotten there and detoured into the restroom - and lost him!
On Memorial Day, we went to the National Cemetery.
Chuck stayed in the car, because I do show respect when I explore!
There was a bugle player there and he played Anchor's Aweigh for us!
This was at the Fallen Warriors Memorial On the left is Bretagne, a SAR dog who went to the World Trade Center after the towers fell and since I'm on a search & rescue team - I took pics and shared them with my team. One the right is Cpl Eli, a bomb sniffing dog.
We picked what I think was the hottest day of our entire trip to go the the arboretum and walk on the trails. Because why, not?
A giant crepe myrtle!
Where's the water????
Which way do I go???
There's a little lizard on the window just to the right of his eyes...
Looking for turtles!
I really like this shot!
We had to stop and get tacos from a taco truck!
Om nom nom nom!
We stopped at this BBQ place twice. Us northern girls don't get food like this at home!
We behaved in Walmart!
Going to the beach in Galveston.
I don't see Pennywise!
Saturday June 4, we headed up to Dallas (3+ hours) to go see Kenny Chesney in concert at AT&T Stadium, along with Carly Pearce (never heard of her), Old Dominion (heard of them, but didn't recognize any of their songs) & Dan & Shay (didn't know who they were, but recognized a LOT of their songs).
We had nosebleed seats, but the jumbotron was right there!
Good times.

We got back to the hotel at 6am and we had to finish packing up and check out of the hotel at 11am.
But first - donuts!
At one of the places we stopped at for a potty break.
Not sure what this little shed was for, tho.
Token "entering Arkansas" pictures for the Spouse.
It was about 3am here so I was (unsafely) recording while Chuck leaned against the steering wheel - in the pouring rain and construction. I pulled in my driveway around 5:30 am - just in time to take a quick nap and get to work 2 hours late!

Only 111 days to Halloween!