July 31, 2017

July 23, 2017

100 days til Halloween!!!

In case nobody has figured it out...Chuck is the official Maple Grove Cemetery mascot.  
No reason why, other than it just happened over time!  
 Chuck is not a fan of pants. 
We had a BBQ for my husband's 50th birthday this weekend and as I was clearing off the kitchen table clutter pile... I came across googly eyes!!  They're perfect for Chuck! 
btw - no idea where they may have come from.  
 Speaking of birthday.....
mmmm cake!
Randy let his feelings be known about Chuck sticking his fingers in the frosting....

As I was perusing the Halloween Forum today - there was a thread asking people where they store all their Halloween decor & props.  How about a peek at where mine are?
 This add-on was here when we moved into the house 15 years ago. Ignore the fact that it needs new doors, badly.  We will get around the replacing them, especially now since this spring a couple holes were chewed into them and now probably a squirrel or two are living in my blowmolds. 
It's the width of the 2 car garage and about 6 feet deep. Obviously this is where the blowmolds for all holidays are.  The coffin is on the lower shelf behind the JOL blowmolds.  The coffin is also used as storage. 
 Smaller cemetery items like loose bones, lantern hooks & such are all in there. 
The patio furniture goes into the other half, where there's no shelf. 
 This is the shed.  The sign, headstones, fenceposts & animal skeletons are all in here.  
The bad part about the shed are the spiderwebs & other creepy crawlies.  
Come mid-September, I'll drag everything out & hose it down and stage it on the patio so on 9/29 (the day after my Spawn's birthday), things can start being set up!
 Here is the skeleton hang-out in the garage. 
The huge cardboard box is the skeleton horse.  I plan on transferring it to a tote this fall. 
Looking toward the same corner from the front - you can see all of the holiday totes. 
Each H'ween & C'mas tote is labelled on top with the contents so if I'm looking for something in particular, I'm more likely to find it this way.  Other holidays don't have as many totes so I don't worry about labeling them. 

How do you store all your goodies?

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July 04, 2017

Happy Independence Day!

Hope everyone has had a safe & happy 4th!
We (and Chuck) went camping.
Golfcart rides!
At the playground before Aunt Laurie broke Chuck's arm off & required campside surgery.
Mmmmm breakfast!
Chillin' on the pontoon. 
Driving the pontoon.
Whew!  That was an exhausting weekend!  
Lots of fun!

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