Sunday, October 6, 2013

Countdown - 25 days - Secret Reaper #1 / Hunter's Moon Tombstone

As you may know, I am a frequent visitor to the Halloween Forum and this year for the first Secret Reaper, I was beyond fortunate to discover that my Reaper had been the Awesome Miss Terra.  She is the creator of fantastic props such as Beloved, HellHound and the Demon Horse.  
I wish I had a fraction of this lady's talent!  

I swear I almost peed myself when I saw the box and who it was from!   


 The moon, eyes & claws all grow in black light. 

The back 

 The bottom with PVC pipes to slide over stakes in the ground 
and also 2 corner holes for additional staking. 

Everyone had to check out the box of peanuts. 

Terra also recently put a YouTube Tutorial up on this awesome stone and I treasure this gift even more when I saw exactly how much work went into it!  I'm almost afraid to put it outside!  

On the downside....all the rest of my stones suck.  

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