September 07, 2020

It's getting closer!!

Woot!  54 days!

Next weekend I will officially start digging out the skeletons & blowmolds and start working on cleaning & repairs.  
I have several skeletons that need repairs badly.  I made a post on HalloweenForum a couple months ago asking for recommendations and got some good ideas on what to use. 
Chuck listening to tunes in the car.
I found this at Kroger for 30% off!  It's a nice heavy pottery.  
They had other faces, but I went for the traditional. 
Pumpkin spice coffee & apple cinnamon donut!  
I'm pretty happy with how the "aging" on the headstones has turned out.  
I have a few minor touchups on the letters, but that can wait until they go out in the cemetery. 
I got a little happy with the spray paint. 
This is the 3rd year I've done Gourdy's Pumpkin Run.  The hoodie is really nice!  
I love the burgundy. 
The Pumpkin Run is a 5K, and the tough pumpkin is where you carry a pumpkin along with you!  
Running is optional.  I don't run unless something really scary is chasing me and safety includes margaritas!  So I'll walk my 5K.  

Friday I got my shipment from Yankee Candle.  I almost forgot about it, but I happened to get up early on my birthday / the day they were released and glanced at my phone and saw an ad!  
Love this ghost!  I bet the porcelain glows when you out candles behind it. 
I had already added the ambulance to my cart, but once I saw the guy hanging out of the back, I'm even more glad I did! 
He cracks me up!
I thought this little guy was cute, too.  
The theme was supposed to be "asylum" but he doesn't look asylum to me! 
Then I saw these tealights on clearance.  I don't burn candles often, thanks to 3 certain felines in my house.  And I usually order candles online unless I have actually bought & burned that scent before.  I'm picky when it comes to scent.  This is kind of a carmel-y pumpkin pie scent so it's good.  I'll just keep whatever I put them in on the stove. 

So that's it for now!  I need to start figuring out posts for the Countdown to Halloween.  
And, I agreed to go on a long weekend trip with my sisters / nieces / Mom the weekend of October 24!  What was I thinking???  We're going to Nashville, TN and they've been checking into doing some Halloween-y stuff and I plan on taking Chuck (can you imagine him on an airplane???!!) so I hopefully will get some posts out of that.