May 17, 2015

Thornville Cemetery

Thornville Cemetery is located between Dryden & Metamora in Lapeer County, Michigan.  As you can see, there's no easy vehicle entrance to the cemetery but there is a set of stone stairs next to the mailbox.  Who gets mail there??  Odd.  Anyway, my sister had joined me for some exploring, so we parked on a dirt road about 1/4 mile away and walked back.  

I see I need to enter some of these onto Find A Grave, since I went to look up info on some of the stones I took pics of and they don't have memorials.   I'm slacking, since I usually do this right away.   Don't worry.  I shall enter them. 

Interesting to see a boy named Pearl. 
We may have giggled at this name, but it was a common sight in Thornville. 
I was being watched! 

This one intrigues me.  They're all kids, the oldest 15.  7 of the 8 have the last name Ferrier.  Most passed away in the 1920s.  This will be put in Find a Grave shortly.  

Most of the older stones had elaborate carvings that were interesting to look at.