October 13, 2013

Countdown - 18 days - Skeleton comparison

Last year  I compared the Walgreens ($30) and Garden Ridge ($50) skeletons. This year I thought about getting the new, better looking Garden Ridge version, but instead I purchased one from Menards ($40).  Keeping the variety show going, ya know!  So let's compare the pros & cons of all these guys.

Welcome Wilbur (far left) to Bobert & Billiam !
Just to make it less confusing, 
I will refer to them by the initials of the store they're from. 
M(enards)  /  G(arden Ridge)  / W(algreens)

 W. has a slightly bigger melon. 


G & M appear to have the same face. 

 W's shoulder with the big staple.
Limbs are attached with plastic pegs. 

 G's shoulder
Lots of range of motion with this set up. 

M's shoulder. 
His limbs are attached my heavy wire, so he doesn't do much posing. 
Miss Angela's ballet teacher saw him in my car at the studio right after I'd bought him and asked to borrow him for class that day.  I think W. would have been the better subject. 

 W's torso

 G's torso
There are sponges between the vertebrae and nice aging on the ribcage. 

M's torso

 W's pelvis

 G's pelvis (and the rusty bolts holding his legs on)
I'm not thrilled with that arrangement, since the femur is split along the seam. . 

 M's pelvis
The wire does appear to be stainless. 

W's profile
He's more of a coffee color than the other 2. 

 G's profile

M's profile
He' has a screw in the jaw hinge.

W's hand
It could probably rotate if I was extremely careful.

G's hand
All this rust is from just one year, and he didn't even sit outside the entire season, 
maybe only a week or so before Halloween.

M's hand is similar to W's but is attached palm-up.  

W's feet
His are my favorite. 

G's feet.
He's slightly shorter than the other 2 and he doesn't touch the 
ground while chilling in the patio chair. 

 M's dainty crossed feet. 

W hanging on my crappy garage that STILL needs new paint. 
(and his feet are in the ballet 3rd position)
with Jack my Beagle looking on

He hangs from a twine noose. 
The others have loops off the top of the skulls. 

 M doesn't hang well with that wire holding him together. 
His legs won't completely straighten out. 

 M / G / W stretched out on the patio for height comparison. 
(with W in 1st position this time- maybe he should be called Baryshnikov?)

So overall, W still has to be my favorite.
While not really thrilled with the plastic pegs, I like how he is put together & how he looks overall.

The guys chillin' with the Littles.  These are Terrance, Phillip & Ike.  
Bonus points for catching the South Park reference!
I can only tell Ike because he has duct tape on his one knee & ankle. 


  1. I like them all! But, I have to ask... If the other two are Bobert and Billiam, shouldn't Wilbur be Bilbur?

    1. That would make sense! My daughter named the other 2 - and insisted this one be called Wilbum. But he rode around in the car with me for a good 2 weeks and he felt like a Wilbur to me. I pulled rank.

  2. I love skelettons as decoration for Halloween.


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