October 28, 2013

Countdown - 3 days - Maple Grove - Kaleva

Here is the final stop on the 2013 Maple Grove Cemetery tour.  Kaleva is in Manistee County, south of Traverse City.  This appears to have a large Finnish community, since there was an American & Finland flag on a pole near the sign.

 These family logs were interesting.

 The coloring on this is nice!

 When I saw this, my eye was drawn to the gray background area - all I could see was some sort of monster.  Then I looked closer and saw the deer.

Because we all need a tractor-trailer by our headstone!

Although we managed to visit 6 different Maple Grove cemeteries while on vacation this summer, I do have one more to post.  I made a trip to the one in North Branch, Lapeer County just recently and had canine company while exploring!  I'll get that post up soon.


  1. My husband and I looked all over that cemetery in 100 degree weather for my Great Grandfathers grave ( Johan Penttila) and never found it. Someday we'll go back again.

    1. I hope his isn't one of the homemade markers that maybe didn't survive time! It was an interesting place to explore.

    2. We went back last week, still could not find it or the other 3 relatives that were buried there. The cemetery does not even have their names on the list of graves, nor does the township. Could have been a homemade marker, the years were 1908 1915 1924 and 1934. My hunt is still on..... Your Maple Grove journey sounds like it was interesting! What intrigued you to do this?


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