September 23, 2017

It's fall!!!!!

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OK, the calendar says so anyway.

So yeah.  I'm sitting in here like a princess in the air conditioning instead of digging headstones & blowmolds out of the shed & getting them cleaned up & staged for next weekend.
Hmm.  Guess I should have stayed up when I took the dog outside at 7am and did some stuff then!  Maybe tomorrow. 

Anyhooo, what's been going on?  We went to Chicago last weekend for my nephew's wedding & Chuck went along for the ride (of course)!  He mostly hung out in the hotel room, since we all came down with the plague and quite frankly - it was hard enough to get myself moving for family stuff, let alone mess with him. 
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He rode in style!

Once we left Chicago, we went north thru Wisconsin & thru the U.P. (OMG - it's beautiful up there and will be even more so in a couple weeks when the trees hit their peak color!) and went to 6 real Maple Grove Cemeteries (look for those posts during the Countdown to Halloween next month)
 We also found some kindred spirits in Iron River, MI! 
The hubby stopped & I got out so I could take a closer look.  They're right up my alley! 

Other than that - I'm just sort of in limbo, waiting.  It seems like I should be doing something, especially when I see all these people on FB & the HalloweenForum putting stuff out already and I'm not.   I was told & now I use it as a guideline that I can't put the cemetery up until after Miss Angela's birthday.  Well, her birthday is Thursday, that means Friday is Go day!
I could probably start bringing stuff inside.....
Or maybe I should do some cleaning first!  
 I finally made it into Home Goods yesterday and enjoyed looking at their goodies.  This guy came home with me, since I have a thing for skeleton dolls!


September 11, 2017

In remembrance....

Our thoughts & prayers still go out....

September 03, 2017

Past Tense Country Store 2017

So I talked about Past Tense a little bit in the earlier post, so I'll get right into the goodies!
Got to love a year-round Halloween store!  
These skeletons were all gorgeous!   Love her headdress. 
They're all 3' tall and I almost fell over at the price - $349!!!
They have most of the Halloween stuff upstairs.  
A lot of steampunk.
They even have a pentagram window!
I love this cabinet!  One day I hope to have one similar. 
The glow in the upper corner is from the window. 
These were all sound activated, so if you went in their corner & clapped, they'd all start lighting up & making noise, etc. 
I really liked this mug with the stainless steel inside.  It was nice & solid feeling. 
Same with this goblet. 
This cabinet was directly at the bottom of the stairs. 
I really love that is doesn't FEEL like a store, and you can just look & look & look and keep seeing different interesting things.