October 10, 2013

Countdown - 21 days - Lakeview Cemetery

Lakeview Cemetery was a pleasant place to explore.  Located in the White Lake Township / Clarkston area, there are 5000+ graves here.  I was impressed by the unique & beautiful stones I saw. 

 I love this poem about an unborn baby talking to God, asking who will take care of her, and it's her guardian angel "Mom".


 Some visitors there with me. 

 front & back

 Very cool!

 I took this before walking up the hill & finding out the name on the plot was the same as my maiden name!

 All these mausoleums actually opened outside the cemetery fence!  

 I thought maybe I could see inside the crypt, but also am glad I couldn't see anything!

 Love the artwork on this one!  Very personal for a young boy. 

 Oh no !!!!!  Look who climbed into my car!

 Busy people!



Love this one!!!!

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