June 23, 2012

LakeView Cemetery

I was out at the National Weather Service tonight for Field Day (OK, I didn't actually get on a radio, I took Randy's overnight bag and some homemade banana bread to him) but anyway, on the way home is this cemetery.   White Lake is a smallish town and I sure wasn't expecting what I found in this cemetery.  It's not that the stones were particularly old - some were - but there were some of the most spectacularly elaborate stones I'd ever seen!

 Very cool!

 I wasn't the only visitor!

 I had to get front & back of this one. 
I love how they used the beer font.

 The ~entire~ family tree!

 This is the old section. If you moved those boulders & drove up that road, you'd end up in the lake.
 I wasn't expecting to climb the hill to find a stone 
with my own maiden name on it!

notice the snowman in the back?

 I thought these mausoleums were in an odd location. 
As in NOT inside the fence!

 I do recall seeing this same stone in the St. Lawrence Cemetery!

 I think this was just a bad choice in font.  
No clue what it says.


 They used his own drawing on the stone!
Busy people!

 Coolest stone ever!!

 Overall - we enjoyed our visit to the LakeView Cemetery!  

FYI - Garden Ridge is starting to put their Halloween / Fall stuff out!  I got him last night.