Saturday, February 24, 2018

250 Days!

Things have obviously been pretty quiet around here, Halloween-wise.

I have one new idea for this year, which started out as a joke but is now going to happen. 
A double headstone. 

A bit of a backstory -
February is quite the unlucky month for the Spawn and her automobiles. 
Soooo - the headstone will be in memory of Lorenzo & Gertrude.
Maybe with their license plates?  

Both of them met their demise in oddly similar manners... 
on the same road about a mile apart  
Lorenzo going to the dance studio
Gertrude on her way home from the dance studio 
Clear, dry roads
White SUVs
No airbag deployment
The major difference is that Gertrude was still driveable even tho she looks worse!

oh yes - I can't forget this little gem from February 2016
when Lorenzo had been t-boned.

Do I need to mention that she's not going to be allowed to drive in February ever again??


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

300 days!

Happy New Year!!

Actually, I'm ready to un-decorate what little I put up inside for a while & just enjoy a regular house!  But that means going out in the frigid cold to the garage to get totes...
so I'm not in a big hurry.

I've had a very bah-humbug holiday season (which explains the incredibly crappy Creepmas! - I apologize for that) and just really never got into the spirit much.

So how's about some fun, random things before getting to the nitty gritty?

This house I drove by had the most # of blowmolds (other than me) that I've seen around here and they have a volleyball scene with snowmen playing against Santas with a nutcracker referee!
Why have I not thought to do scenes with my blowmolds???
My new skeleton socks. 
A shirt seen at Walmart 
 Another shirt at Walmart - if they'd had my size, it would have been MINE!
 SUV seen parked across the street from Zehnders in Frankenmuth on New Years Eve.
The brush guard on the grill was also decorated.
 Chuck looking somewhat evil here.

So I've been doing some planning already.

This will be Maple Grove's 10 year anniversary! 

I'm tossing around the idea of having the skeletons trick or treating, which I think would be fun.  And thanks to the after-fall sale at At Home, I got some metal pumpkin stakes for 75% off  (and I had the metal corn stalks already) so I think I'll make a pumpkin patch with these and the JOL blowmolds on the left side of the yard.  I'm always having issues with getting it light enough over there, so the blowmolds should take care of that nicely.   And they *should* be contained enough that, with luck, won't drown out the rest of the lighting.
Wow.  The Mosh Pit is going to be a lot smaller next year!  With the 4 big JOLs, the pumpkin stack & the small one on the fence moved.....
and I have 2 or 3 smaller JOLs in the garage that I don't think I've ever actually put out in the display.  That should be a nice little patch.
No automatic alt text available.
I got 2 boxes of these at Walmart for 75% off, too.  I'm going to figure out a nice amber lens for these and they're destined to be used on the big headstones. 
Yeah.  They needed help badly last year!

The tough part again will be figuring out where to put all the skeletons!


Monday, December 11, 2017

Creepmas Day 11

 Chuck's got some new duds for the holidays!
Ghouls go crazy for a sharp dressed man!
 Daisy isn't too impressed.
So here we go - let's see how Rusty does with the decorated tree!
Ornaments were carefully chosen to be of the unbreakable variety, which means a lot of my favorites stayed in the tote.  Boooo!