Friday, July 24, 2020

We're in the double digits!!

Happy Hour Drinking GIF by LookHUMAN

It's been WAY too long since I posted last!  On my other blog I'd have a "coffee chat" to get caught up but this little ghostie is pretty appropriate.  
It's not like I have been really BUSYor anything! 

OMG - can you believe it's only 99 days to Halloween?!?!?!!
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This has been one seriously crazy year so far.  I ended up being off work for a total of 2 1/2 months.  That was a weird time.  But I'm sure a lot of people felt / feel that way!

Let's be random, shall we?
Chuck on the first day of spring....
I'm kind of peeved that the deer have been eating everything in my yard!  My little cherry tree has all the ends of the lower branches chewed off.  They also got hold of my rose out in the yard and have been keeping it trimmed back (and not blooming - grr)
We ended up cutting out & painting a total of 13 new headstones and repainting all the rest so they are matchy.  I haven't done any "aging" on them yet.  I have a variety of spray paints to use for that.    
On a whim, I posted a pic of my old foam headstones on the Motor City Haunt Club page to see if anyone wanted them and I was surprised at the interest!  The first girl who answered was over within an hour to pick them all up.   She seemed really happy to get them, so that's awesome!
Of course Rusty had to do his quality control check on the stones I brought inside overnight so glue could dry. 
I really think the "his" & "hers" are my new favorites.  I saw a picture of a headstone from a real cemetery that was a similar shape and had to make these.  That's why my last post said I cut out 11 new ones but now I have 13.  And I still have a 2x4 sheet of plywood that I haven't used!
First fire of the season!
S'mores & beer
On the first day of summer, we went kayaking again!  My sister and I met up with my niece & one of her friends who asked if Chuck was coming with me again.  Of course!  Then I had to stop at the dollar store and see what kind of swim stuff I could find for him.  This inflatable vest & goggles were perfect! 
This little guy was fun to visit with but the snapper the size of a hubcap I saw was NOT anyone I wanted to get close to!  So if I couldn't see the bottom (there were a lot of weeds along the channel) I wasn't letting anything dangle in the water! 
Chuck's first time swimming!
When I heard our favorite little donut place was opened again, we had to go get some.  Daddy's Doughnuts in Utica, MI are the best!  They have a maple bacon 'breakfast' donut that's amazing.
I was out training in Millington, MI with my search & rescue team recently and looked up some cemeteries that were close to the park.  I found this "little guy" in one of them.  I haven't had a chance to do any research on any of the cemeteries yet.

I also learned that I'm not the only taphophile on the team!  I was grabbing my bag out of the back of my car after training while chatting with a couple of teammates getting in the next car.  I mentioned where I was going and they said they like to explore cemeteries, too!    They told me about a couple that I need to go check out.

After all that time off, I didn't get to explore many cemeteries like I wanted.  I wanted to check out Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit but Spouse didn't want me going down where the biggest plague outbreak was at, so I still haven't gone there yet. Not sure why I didn't head north!
The 4th of July was kind of calm!  No parades or anything, but we had a BBQ at my sister's house and watched all her neighbors lighting off fireworks. 
One of the projects we got done was finally painting the storage area across the back of our garage.  We tore up the nasty carpet and replaced the doors 2 summers ago after this fun little incident....
This side of the shed is where I keep my blowmolds and you can see the coffin down on the bottom shelf.  The other side is where the a/patio furniture and now the cemetery shack are stored.
When the Spouse is babysitting BabyBoy, he likes to turn on PBS kids and I almost fell off the couch when I saw the ad for this !  Some of the shows were cute.  We'll ignore the fact that they're now having Christmas in July...
We had a hybrid Wilderness First Aid class for the SAR team and after 12 hours of Zoom classes, we had to meet up to do the hands-on part of the class.  I spent the night at my sister's house the night before so we could ride together.  Then on the way home, the GPS took us right past this cool store in Lapeer called Past Tense.  Which I've posted about before - the whole upstairs of the building is all Halloween stuff, and a window with a pentagram on it!  
I ended up getting my mermaid skeleton!  It looks a lot smaller than 30 inches here, but that's what it is.   It'll go nicely is with the new headstone I made with an anchor on it.

Halloween goodies are starting to show up on store websites!  

I saw people on Facebook going crazy over this supposed 12' skeleton at Home Depot but I think its the perspective of the picture makes it look bigger than it is, since the only skeleton on the site is 5 feet tall. 
   And WTF!  $130????????
This is the same one that's been $30 in the past!  
And look at what their reasoning behind the price gouge is...  Sheesh.

So lets see.....

 Secret Reaper sign ups are happening over at the Halloween Forum! That's always a fun time.  I will be participating as usual.  It's going to be tough coming up with my likes list since I can't think of anything that I need and I haven't seen anything that I really want yet.  But the excitement of getting an unknown gift always brings me back!

So that's all I got for now!  I'll get some cemetery posts up soon and since we're at 99 days, that means the Countdown to Halloween will be soon, too!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, ya'll!  All of us humans & felines from Maple Grove Cemetery are doing as well as can be expected.  We're all healthy, so thank whatever being who will listen!  We're staying home like we're supposed to do, except for weekly trips to the grocery store and many walks around the park at the end of our street.  

I was pretty excited to get an email from FrightProps a couple weeks ago with an offer for bulk hand sanitizer! Since we hadn't (and still haven't) found any in stores, we bought a gallon jug. 
It's designed to be used in a spray bottle so it's really watery, but we filled a couple small squeeze bottles with it and mixed a bit of aloe vera gel in it and it thickened up nicely.  And the website says you can add essential oils to it for a nicer scent since it's made it denatured alcohol, which REEKS.  

It's funny that they also offer 50 gallon drums AND 250 gallon totes of the stuff!   

I read somewhere that they only make so much per day, so if it shows sold out just wait until the next day and try again.  But I just looked and it's showing In Stock as of 10:55pm on Sunday night.   I ordered mine late on a Saturday night & it was delivered on Wednesday.  Not bad for free ground shipping!

So we've had some really nice days lately!  I've gotten 11 new head 'stones' cut out and a coat of exterior paint put on around the edges & on knots to help seal them. 
 I plan to get rid of all my cheap old foam stones so my cemetery is more matchy-matchy.  They're all 2 feet tall.  And I still have a 2 foot x 4 foot sheet of plywood that I haven't decided what to do with yet.
I have albums saved on my computer for each cemetery I've explored and was looking thru them for inspiration.  Of course an anchor stood out to me! 

I may need a mermaid skeleton.........
to go with this and the one below.
These are the "new' shapes.  I really like them!  I made 2 of each.   

OMG!  I can't believe I didn't post about Quarantine-o-ween! 
 I went out there after dark on 3/30 and made the sign (on plywood that became headstones - that's why you see random letters on the stones) and dug out a couple blowmolds and pumpkin buckets. 

We didn't dress up or anything.  In fact I had to search to find something for Chuck to wear that evening!  I couldn't find his tux, and he was still wearing his St. Patrick's outfit.  Luckily I found his JOL onesie and that worked out fine.
 It was chilly that night & there was a neat fog from the dryer vent - that's what I was trying to capture here.

I have been using my hand mug a lot lately.  In fact, I have tea in it right now!
Rusty!  Watch the paw!
Yeah, Chuck was wearing a pair of the grandson's socks - LOL!
 On one of the nice days, we got the patio furniture & things out.  Including Gary the Gargoyle who sits by our back door.
Look at my new earrings!  An ad popped up on Instagram and I fell in love!  
They're about 2.5 inches long from the top of the stars to the bottom of the skull, but very light.

So now onto Easter! 
 Normally we're out at my sister's house, with the whole extended family. We have no age limits - everyone participates in the fun.  We all color eggs, we all get baskets & we all join in on the egg hunt!   In fact - you have to watch out for my Mom - she may look like a delicate lady of a slightly advanced age - but she will shove you out of the way for an Easter egg!

But since we couldn't all get together this year, we (me, Spouse & Spawn) colored our eggs last night.

Adam is going to grow up thinking nothing is odd about having a skeleton in his house!
We each had a degree of difficulty looking for eggs.  Spawn had the baby and I had Rusty on his leash.  She got to move faster than me, so I had to call the eggs that I saw.  
We forgot to take a picture of the Easter cake after it was freshly decorated last night.  So when we had dinner tonight, it was slightly hilarious, yet horrifying!

Hope everyone is staying in, staying healthy & staying safe!