Saturday, June 12, 2021

Chuck's latest road trip!

Road Trip!!
This was supposed to be a long "girls only" weekend, but Chuck went along for the ride. 
It was me, Sis1, Sis2 and our Mom. 
Whoops!  It wasn't me!
Our first stop on Friday was in Holland, Michigan at Windmill Island.
These pics were taken the weekend of May 15, so we got there just slightly after the prime tulip time.   But we still saw some pretty ones!
I loved these purpley yellow tulips!
An actual windmill from Holland!
Looking down at Sis2 & Mom from the top of the windmill. 
Because random art is fun! onto our next stop!
Oval Beach on Lake Michigan in Saugatuk.
Was Chuck walking with a bird??
Looking across the river toward Saugatuk.
We had some time to kill before going back to the beach to watch the sun set.  So we stopped and had a root beer float at the Douglas Root Beer Barrel.  A total tourist trap, but they had really good floats!
The sunset was spectacular!
Pondering Chuck looking out the hotel window. 
What a perfect Chuck-sized bed!

One Saturday, we did a lot of shopping in Saugatuk. 
Some wine tasting...  
btw, ice wine is really freakin' good!
I don't think that Mom caught what we thought was so hilarious. 
Her name is Mary....
yeah - we're going to hell!
I wish we had the room in the car for one of these!  
They totally need to be painted orange. 
Stopped for a beverage (or two) before dinner. 
MmMmMmMm Bloody Mary!
We had an early dinner Saturday since most stores were closing at 5, then we went back to the hotel and availed ourselves of the pool.  There were a bunch of beach balls in there and we had a riot playing volleyball!  Don't let Mom fool you - she claims she doesn't swim well and such, but then she'd spike the ball hard enough to remove your head!  
Sunday we chose to stay off the main highways and drove south toward South Haven on Lakeshore Dr.  there were some nice little areas to pull over and go to Lake Michigan. 
This little park had a lot of erosion from some bad storms - so we couldn't get too close to the edge.
We did find another park where we could get down to the shore. 

Our last stop was the South Haven Light before heading home. 
It was a nice weekend!  

Friday, April 30, 2021

We're Halfway to Halloween!

Just a quick check in since it's been a while! 

The family (me, the Spouse & the Spawn, but not the Grandson, thankfully) all got hit with Covid earlier this month.  I had it the worst - but it was comparable to the regular old flu.  Except for the chills & dehydration - that sucked!  And the loss of appetite.  I kind of enjoyed my "quarantine" from work, since it didn't count against my sick days!  The Spouse said his was like a cold/flu.  And the Spawn only lost her taste & smell for a couple days.  She felt fine, otherwise.  We're all back to 100% now. 

I haven't even had Chuck out to play with him!  He's been chilling on the floor in the back seat of my car.  I really need to get him out & do some stuff with him.   

Needless to say - there's been no real planning or anything going on.  I have a few new ideas written down in my notebook, but I really can't think of anything I ~need~ to build.  At the moment, anyway! 


Thursday, April 15, 2021

198 Days!

Yeah - I'm a day late.  Booo!