February 01, 2013

Did some shopping....

This was done last weekend - I had to take advantage of no one else being home to bug me!  

Randy was up north doing radio stuff for the Sno-Drift Road Rally.  From 11-12, Angel has an acrobatic class at her studio so I dropped her off and went to get cat food, since OMG - they could see the bottom of their bowl!  I went to PetSmart and of course had to visit the adoption area.  Why do I torture myself???/  Anyone in their right mind (and could ignore the thought of  their frowning husband) should have adopted both the solid white 3 year old cat and the solid black 3 year old cat! They were gorgeous!  And the white one kept rubbing on & licking my fingers thru the cage.  Then as I went to the register, I saw a pack of black lab puppies who were there for Leader Dog training.  One of them was just staring at me & wagging his tail furiously!  I'm sure if his handler had said the word, he would have all over me - and I would have loved it! 

So anyway - I managed to escape the store with only my bag of cat food. I stopped in Garden Ridge but when there are no major holidays coming up, it's a pretty boring place.  They had a lot of empty shelves, getting ready for summer stuff.  Angel had a lunch break, then had to be back at the studio from 1-4.  Woohoo!  3 hours to myself!  I visited all 3 local Salvation Armies and one consignment store. The consignment store had nothing, and I'm glad I saw nothing at the one S.A. since it was packed and the line to check out was 30 people long.  But I scored at the other 2. 

 Is this not the cutest?  This makes my 3rd Halloween house. 

 I thought this thing will be cool with a coat of paint and a stopper of some sort.  
The Coke can is for size reference. 

 This is destined to be my very first potion book.  

 I need to research this guy to find out what he was holding and 
also what was behind him.  
There are glue dot areas on the back of his legs. 
But squee! A nutcracker with a sombrero!!!

After dance, Angel had plans to go over a friend's house.  This friend happens to live near an antique / craft mall.  There are a gazillion different booths & vendors and everything is always different.  
 I found this cool pink perfume bottle, the funky little house bottle and a mini-globe.

 I was pretty tweaked to find this picture frame..... because it matches one I already had!!  I wonder if I could get a picture of me in the same pose / similar clothes as Angel there on the left?  That would be awesome!!   I don't think a good one of Randy & I would fit.  The photo I used of Angel was a 5x7 but had to cut a lot down. 

And my favorite find of the day is......
A blowmold!  I NEVER see blowmolds around here!!  And one that I'd never seen before?  Awesome!.  You can see that he's taller than my kitchen counter is.  And look at the detail in his eyes!  
I Googled the brand and that actually how his eyes look, 
they weren't added in afterward.   Funky!   

Find any good stuff lately?