2020 saw my skeletons having a family reunion, even if it "wasn't allowed" due to the 'Rona.
These were a Secret Reaper gift. 
I found someone to give away all of my old foam headstones to and made a total of 13 new wood ones.
They were all repainted to match and some have new names. 
I need to fix the lighting in this area.  You can't really see that the pony has his nose in a bowl and that the little skeletons are carving a pumpkin. 
I love how the "fire" turned out!
We did get to see the blue moon rising between the neighbor's houses but couldn't get a good pic with my phone.  But the funky clouds that rolled in looked pretty awesome!
I originally thought to have each skeleton dressed to represent a family member, which meant the 6 1/2' skeleton would be my husband sitting in the shack with the "haunted radio".  But the skeleton was too big to fit in the shack!
Of course we have to have the "Jack stone"!
Early afternoon, November 1. 


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