December 31, 2016


Just checking some stuff out.....


Happy New Year!

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Hope everyone has a safe & happy celebration!


December 14, 2016

Creepmas Day 13

Holy crap, I've been off a day all week!  So Creepmas Day 13 is happening on the 14th.  
Let's roll with that!

Brr.  We got about 9 inches of snow dumped on us Sunday and we had another inch of so of light fluffy whiteness this evening. 

Handprints on the car window!
First we work before play!  Got to shovel the driveway. 
Ooo!  A Christmas card! 
 Asshole Santa decided to light up!
backstory - last year, the Santa on the left would either lean way over, or his light would go out.  I'd set him upright and / or tweak the bulb and all would be fine for a short time, a day or so. Then he'd act up again.  So this year, he's on level ground with bricks in his base but the light still has a mind of its own.  It's actually been out for at least 2 weeks but decided to come on by itself tonight!
  Woohoo!  It's always more fun with friends!
These guys don't say a whole lot. 
So lets have some hot chocolate & watch some TV.

or maybe read a smutty novel?
Good night, may dreams for sugar skulls & Krampus fill your dreams, Chuck!


December 12, 2016

Creepmas Day 12

We went on a road trip last weekend to visit my brother in Dayton, Ohio.   
Chuck and his buddy, Robert, went along for the ride. 
Chuck rode along to work with me on Friday, too.  
 Friday night saw us on the road! 
 Playing "the Game of Things" with the family. 
 Kicking back in the hotel room. 
The pool looks nice!
 Robert was stylin' in his furry hat. 
 Breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  What to order?
 (what was hilarious is that the waitress remembered us from last year!  Guess they don't have too many people bring skeletons into their restaurant!)
 Chuck is apparently pretty smart!

 Yay, let's color! 

 Have to do some shopping while we're there!
 And play some checkers.
Saturday's agenda included a visit to the Air Force Museum and Clifton Mill to see the amazing Christmas lights.....but Chuck stayed out in the van....sniff!  
The nice couple at the table next to us at Ruby Tuesday ordered specials that included dessert - since they already had one, the waitress asked if we wanted it!  Sure!  
Nom nom nom
But at least there was still a pumpkin in the hotel garden to hang out with! 
 The beds were really comfy!  It's been a long day. 
Sunday was really snowy and the roads were dicey on the way home, 
so we're buckled up for safety!


December 11, 2016

Creepmas Day 11

Whatever team shall Chuck be on......?

guess this answers that question!


December 04, 2016

Creepmas Day 4

Chuck wasn't a very good helper with decorating the tree. 
 He was struggling!

 Maddie was a better helper!