October 18, 2013

Countdown - 13 days - Works-in-progress

As seen on the HalloweenForum FaceBook page today.......14 days til Halloween!

Yup, that's how I feel!  I am so not ready.  I'm not even begun to set out the apothecary yet!  Hopefully this weekend, so I have a chance to enjoy it all.

Here are a couple things I've been working on....

I had time to kill while waiting on our Chinese carry-out tonight, so I wandered thru the Salvation Army & found these adorable stuft critters.  I love the batty witch dress on the bear and normally I don't do clowns, but I couldn't pass up this cat. Besides the pocket says "Boo" and he's porcelain.... It reminds me of someone........
Chester, curled up on a Red Wings jersey in the clothes basket. 

I call this village a work in progress, since I KNOW I have more buildings somewhere!

This is currently my favorite prop outside.  I call him Matt, (even tho it's usually a guy with no arms or legs lying on the ground - LOL).  He had a different skull, but that one had no jaw and looked weird, so I replaced it with this one and dropped him on the ground while doing something else.  When I looked at him, this is how he landed, so there he stays!

I need another book to do-over since I have a bunch of plastic snakes & bugs that would look neat on one.  The skeleton is glued to a book-looking box and the other is an old book found at the Salvation Army.  "SPELLS" and the apple are wood and "and potions" are foam stickers. Both will be paper-mache'd eventually.

What have you been working on?

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  1. That Mat's one good lookin' guy! Is that a pajama top he's wearing? Dn't feel bad, we're not as far along as we'd hoped to be either.


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