May 04, 2019

Sand Hill Cemetery

I found Sand Hill Cemetery purely by accident one day on the way to my sister's house.  See?  Being impatient can pay off!  I turned off the highway onto a dirt road to avoid the traffic buildup thru Almont (Michigan) and since I was using my Waze app - it took me down a road I'd never been on before - and there it was! 

Anyhoooo - There are 518 memorials listed on FindAGrave and I love that someone took the time to color the stones with chalk so you can read them better in the photos.  And luckily, they went thru in 2005, since a lot of the stones are either moss-covered, settled or are gone completely now. 
It was called Almont Township Cemetery at one time. 

One thing that stood out to me was the sheer number of unusual names.  Normally I'll see one or two names that you just don't see anymore - but here?  Tons.  I'll point them out as we go. 
And if you happen to see a few pics that the grass is actually green?  The first time I visited, it was early April.  The second time, when I got a couple more shots, was late April. 
Harriet, wife of J.S. Vannater 1826-1945
Hannah, wife of Ira Wilber 1805-1838
 Orra 1774-1848 & Vanranslear 1811-1837 Beach
This is a father & son stone. 
I do believe Vanranslear's is the oldest burial here - 1837.
And it's still an active cemetery, since I saw a stone with 2017 on it.
 Bethiah, wife of Jehial Bassett 1805-1864
Nicholas May  1840-1869
(link shows the obelisk still upright)
died from an accidental discharge of a gun. 
he was married to a Sarah DeWitt, hence his name being on their stone.
Sophia DeWitt 1813-1836
Calvin DeWitt 1835-1844
How sad that her son was only about a year old when she passed and was only 9 when he himself died.  
Polly, wife of James DeWitt 1800-1858
(never saw where he was buried - this base was blank on 2 sides)
George Washington Allen 1813-1893
Julia A Beach, his wife 1816-1899
Allen Blanchard, son of below 1833-1843
Henry Blanchard 1805 - 1847
 Electy Fox 1820-1876
Probably #1 on the most unusual name list!
Harley Fox 1859-1863
age 4 years 10 months
another surprisingly modern name!
The husband / dad was also named Harley, 1818-1900, but I didn't see a stone for him here.
Celestie Marshall 1835-1860
The Terry plot
Aaron 1854-1910 & Sarah 1863-1941 Balch
Miles 1815-1876 & Prudence 1821-1899 Beach
Mary, wife of Caleb Gilbert 1785-1846
Infant son Matteson 1851
age 24 days
Ruth, wife of Nathaniel Smith 1789-1852
Edwin Smith 1834-1901
Private, Civil War Veteran
5th Michigan Infantry, Co F
There were a lot of Smith stones around this larger one.
Emogene must not have been buried here?
Minnie 1866-1926 & August 1865-1940 Schoenberg
John Townsend 1793-1874
Ann, wife of John Townsend 1802-1891
Arthur Townsend, likely the son of John & Ann 1846-1881 & Amanda, his wife 1845-1933
Caroline, daughter of John & Ann 1839-1858
Homer Parker 1813-1893
Abigail, wife of Homer 1827-1885
William, son of Homer & Abigail 1853-1870
I love that this verse is still legible. 
Can we our buried friends forget,
Or can the grave eternal sever?
They linger in our memories yet,
but in our hearts they live forever. 
Urial T Miller 1849-1852
Martha, wife of Henry Arnold 1844-1877
Walton 1871-1929 & Amasa King 1822-1872
on the back side are Earl 1875-1881 & Elsie 1818-1853 King
the link shows it with the top of the stone still intact. 
 Adaline, wife of W.H. King 1815-1849
Sarah Ann, also the wife of W.H. King 1822-1903
Velorus, son of W.H & A King 1837-1939
This one is pretty interesting (thanks, FindAGrave!)
Nickles (Nicholas) 1797-1877
Amy 1809-1851 is his second wife (#1 & #3 are not in this cemetery)
Mary 1811-1851 was Amy's sister and married to Nicholas' brother and died on the same day as Amy. 
Amy's & Mary's maiden name was Gilbert - lots a family nearby. 
Louiva 1840-1852
Saletty 1842-1847
children of S & E. Ferguson
Balch Memorial
Charley, son of Simeon & Margaret 1864-1872
Temperance, 3rd wife of Simeon 1845-1928 
Margaret 1834-1888
Simeon 1813-1899
Hattie, daughter of Simeon & Margaret 1851-1883
Christeena, 1st wife of Simeon 1816-1855
Evert 1799-1897 & Eliza 1808-1886 Lawrence
Can you believe he was 98 years old???  
John 1760-1852 & Anna 1775-1863 VanWagoner
William Lawrence 1835-1883
Chancey 1839-1841 & Sarah 1832-1841
children of E.W & E Lawrnce (note the mispelling of the last name)
The kids passed within a month of each other. 
Benjamin Myers 1829-1861
William 1805-1882 & Serepta 1804-1887 Myers
I wonder how her parents came up with that?
 Desiah Northway 1794-1849
Randolph 1821-1898 & Nancy 1821-1885 Bancroft
he was a dentist in Romeo, MI
(right side) 
George 1830-1894 & Geraldine 1833-1909 Bates
(left side)
Ida Swain (supposedly a daughter of George & Geraldine) 1856-1887
speaking of weird names, her mother-in-law was Sirloma!
Mable 1877-1894

Odd that there's an Ada listed as a sibling on Mabel's memorial, but looks to be a different person.  Ida isn't cross-referenced on any of the other offspring's memorials.
(right side)
Mary 1860-1864 & Heman 1854-1856
(left side) 
Claudie 1875-1875 & Delbert 1871-1909
all children of George & Geraldine Bates
Phebe Bates 1822-1844
This is likely Lucretia Bates 1801-1872
wife of Clark Bates
Daniel Burton, Private 1842-1862
10th Michigan Infantry, Co C 
US Civil War
Sylvester Spaulding 1816-1874
The Spauldings seem a bit weird. 
Elizabeth 1819-1895
wife of Sylvester
Our Mother Spaulding
aged 80 years.
Who is Libbie???  Is that Elizabeth's nickname?  Or Mother's?
adopted son
Died in the USA
June 22, 1865
17 years
I'm thinking that's US Army since the Civil War had just ended. 
Our daughter Atta
Died Aug 8, 1851
Also Little
Nov 8, 1854
On Lizzie's link, it shows that she has her own individual stone, but only named "infant".
Jabez Loomis 1824-1867
Harriet Loomis 1819-1895
I didn't notice at the time that the Loomis's had a plot, but it seems they had extraordinarily bad luck when it came to their children.
Melicent 1844 - 1852 (age 8)
Charles 1848 - 1852 (age 4)
Staunton 1852 - 1852 (age 10 days)
John 1852 - 1852 (age less than 1 year)
Franklin 1852 - 1954 (age 1)
Emma 1855 - 1855 (age 8 months)
Elvin 1857 - 1858 (age 11 months)
LeRoy 1893-1959 & Elizabeth 1909-1975 Bechtol
I wonder why their stone faces that way?  
Even 44 years ago when Elizabeth was buried - that tree had to have been huge!
The Wilber Plot
Nancy Wilber 1801-1864 
if the stone wasn't laying out on the ground, you could see that it says grandmother across the top. 
Jerry Wilber (name is worn off the top) 1858-1859
Linus Curtiss 1860-1937
Rena Wilber, wife of Linus Curtiss 1867-1930
Levi Wilber 1830-1906
says father across the top
Sarah Wilber 1833-1909
says mother across the top
Cora Wilber (name is across the top) 1856-1895
daughter of Levi & Sarah
Merritt 1855-1868 & Emma 1851-1853 Payne
children of William & Laura 
Elmer Dahn 1914-1925
"in memory of" usually means they're not actually buried here. 
He was only 11, so I wonder what happened?  A Google search turned up nothing.
 I thought it was adorable that tiny daffodils sprouted near this baby's stone. 
Nelson Fox 1838-1899
Maria, wife of Nelson Fox 1842-1928
Clarence, son of N & H.M. Fox 1863-1886
Her name was Maria Henrietta, so they reversed it?
Hortie, son of W.F & M.L King 1876-1877 
age 11 months
I can't make out anything except a lamb on this one. 
Charley Ayers 1851-1901
"A dear faithful devout heart rests here in this grave, I feel it with deep pain what I have lost."
front & back
"the gentleman is my shepherd"
(thanks, Google translate!)
Frank 1862-1931 & Estella 1869-1928 Terry
Julia 1911-2006 & Alpheus 1907-1987 Dodds
Marvin Dodds, 1927-1999
Private, US Army / Korea
yes - you read that correctly.
Commence giggles!
Antha Dodds Terry, 1880-1940
Mother Velma 1889 - 1973
Father Wilbert 1885 - 1967
Son Clarence 1914 - 1918
Daughter Violet 1918 - 1918
In memory of son
1919 WWII 1944
Buried in France
Milton Fox 1845-1916
20th Michigan Infantry, Co B
Milton 1845-1916 Fox (his veteran stone above)
Mary his wife 1943-1926
Robert 1878-1963 (their son, his veteran stone below)
Hazel (son's wife) 1888-1942
Robert P Fox, 1878-1963
World War I
Charles 1861-1906 & Myrta Ella 1869-1948 Harris
Margaret, wife of Hiram Allen 1814-1890
Ford 1891-1959 & Ruth 1896-1979 Bird
Marvin 1931-2017 & Carolyn 1932-2016 Laarman
Lucy Fox, wife 1 of 3 1844-1920
Amanda Williams, wife 2 of 3 1844-1910
wife #3 is is buried in Lakeville Cemetery in Oakland County.
Samuel "Embree" Ferguson 1831-1908
 Mary Caroline Ferguson - 1st wife of Samuel 1829-1883
Civilla Ferguson - 2nd wife of Samuel 1847-1911
Almira, daughter of Samuel & Caroline 1854-1863
Interesting that the daughter (Almira) is on the side of the stone with the name. 
Lina, wife of George Smith 1853-1978
Christopher 1818-1896 & Winnifored 1822-1901 Spangler
Delmer Bates 1861-1903
Eva, wife of Delmer Bates 1864-1945
The main stone for Delmer & Eva.
Delos Gould 1858-1917
Allen N Smith 1841-1878
Lutie A Smith 1875-1878
Edwin R Gould 1846-1916
Lucy Smith Gould 1838-1917
Looking across the landscape....
Hiram 1836-1902 & Lucy 1836-1915 Terry
Minnie Terry is also listed above with her parents - but this is her own.
Philip Smith 1815-1906
Lura (Ferguson - related to a lot of other people here) Smith 
aged 74 years  
No years on file for her....
Lee, son of Philip & Lura Smith 1855-1857
Helen, daughter of Clayton & Alma Dodds  1906
age 3 months
Parmelia, wife of Aaron Ferguson, 1808-1965
Aaron Ferguson 1795-1876
The Dodds' main stone is also blank.  The family members have their own individual stones. 
Alpheus Dodds 1836-1907
appears to be sinking!
Sarah, wife of Alpheus Dodds 1836-1904
according to FindAGrave, her middle name was Parmelia - what are the odds of 2 in the same cemetery with THAT name??
Lena, daughter of Sarah & Alpheus Dodds 1863-1911
Mary, daughter of Sarah & Alpheus Dodds 1875-1884
Bradford Sevrey 1830-1903
the stone has been knocked over & sinking.  I held my camera upside down to get this shot. 
Anson Humphrey 1826-1852
Willie H Cooper Jr 1928-1982
US Army/Vietnam
Eleazer Curtis 1790-1866
Lovisa, wife of Eleazer Curtis 1791-1850
Caroline 1818-1879 & Carloss 1838-1862, children of Eleazer & Lovisa Curtis
Lorenzo Middleditch 1810-1849
I missed a LOT of this family - their stones are either sunken or gone.  
Lorenzo's mother (buried nearby, I guess) is named Huldah and half siblings, Pulaski & Paola, are buried elsewhere in Lapeer county.
Orrilla, wife of A.H. Middleditch  1849-1883
William R Andrus 1842-1873
Lt. Col 3 Michigan Infantry, Co H
US Civil War
Unita S. Andrus 1840-1854
William M Glover 1823-??
10th Michigan Infantry Co F
US Civil War
Karl Witte 1860-1891
Elmer C Jacob 1910-1986 loving son of Otto & Teenie Jacob
Pearl Jacob 1912-2001 daughter of Rod & Tillie Manderville
Speaking of Tillie Manderville....
I grabbed this image off of FindAGrave, since when I was visiting, it was barely legible due to moss.

On my second visit, I was with my sister and we'd stopped to read these stones along the middle / back row of the cemetery.  All of a sudden, I caught a strong whiff of perfume, as if someone had walked by.  Neither of us were wearing any ourselves..... and there was no wind.  The only flowers blooming were some daffodils and they were across the cemetery from us. 
I believe Miss Tilly  dropped by to say hello.  
Charles Jacob 1948-1993
Sgt / US Army / Vietnam
Frank Manderville 1919-1979
Sgt  / US Army / WWII
Edward Manderville 1922-1983
Elizabeth 1849-1935 & Byce Jr 1848-1921 Ferguson
Byce Sr 1801-1881 is buried nearby with his wife Delilah 1808-1895

 Wow, this is the most research I've done on a cemetery thus far - lots of interesting people here!