October 25, 2013

Countdown - 6 days - Secret Reaper Part 2

Woohoo, I got reaped again!

I signed up for SR2 over at HalloweenForum and just got my giftie last night!  I was so excited, since it was from someone local - Hubby & I had left to go get the Girl from dance and to grab some dinner.  When we got back, I started backing my car in the driveway & I saw something in the cemetery.  I was like WHO is in the yard??  What is that???

Then Angel said there was a box on the porch, too.  The light bulb went off & I knew what it was.  

This guy is great!  He had been turned to stare at the front door.  
I happen to have one of those cloth stuffed dummy forms that I've never used sitting in the garage - I think that'll fill out the arms & legs nicely!  The body is a mannequin form.  
Stylin' suit, too!

 (ignore the collection of bottles on the table - I was putting together the apothecary)

 These have nice solid PVC poles to put in the ground.  

 Glitter skull & spider webs. 

 This is kind of creepy, but neat at the same time. 

This I REALLY like!  The inside is painted red, so it glows nicely. 

Not sure what her real name is, but Helena Handbasket is awesome! 

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