May 27, 2014

MGC took the plunge!

Maple Grove Cemetery is now on FaceBook!  

I feel so in touch with social media and stuff! 

Now to figure all this out - I thought making a new page would be idiot-proof.  Of course, I hate having anyone hanging over my shoulder when I'm on the computer and of course - King Geek of the World (aka the hubby) was right there watching.  It makes me nervous and my fingers forget how to type when someone is hovering!  

Here is bowling pin  Buddha aka Chester to say hi!

May 26, 2014

Great Lakes National Cemetery, Holly MI (pic heavy!!)

I was so excited that the family agreed to take a road trip to a cemetery with me on this Memorial Day weekend!!  Of course, with it being a national cemetery, why wouldn't they want to go?
Beautiful entryway with the Avenue of Flags
This is directly behind that wall above - so you can see it on your way out. 

 Not exactly sure why this was here, but it's neat anyway.
 The 544 acre cemetery is fairly new, it began operations in October 2005 and is averaging 10 burials per day.  There is room for 100,000  graves.
 Its crazy how perfect the rows are!
 As soon as we wandered thru the first section, we got interested in the religious markings and were astounded at how many there were!  This required pictures and further research as to what they are. 
 Christian Church
The Luther Rose
Luthern Church, Missouri Synod
Celtic Cross
Christian Cross
Community of Christ 
New Apostolic
Medicine Wheel
Landing Eagle
United Methodist
7th Day Adventist Church
Presbyterian Church
Greek Cross
Celtic Cross
Kohen Hands (a Jewish blessing symbol)
7th Day Adventist - they look so much better with the black paint
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Lutheran Cross
Humanist Emblem of Spirit
Another version of First Church of Christ, Scientist
New Apostolic
Russian Orthodox Cross
Konko-Yko Faith
United Moravian Church
Christian & Missionary Alliance
Armenian Cross
Serbian Orthodox
Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
Some stones caught my attention either because they had funny or thoughtful epitaphs or they had been in the Navy (like I was) and I wanted to figure out what rate they were.  The rate abbreviations have changed over the years. 

ADJ2 - Aviation Boatswain Mate, Jet Engine Mechanic, second class (E-5)
AEM2 - Aviation Electrician's Mate, second class (E-5)
"It Ain't Nothing But a Party"
A Seaman in the Army sounds weird!  
The Air Medal is awarded for meritorious achievement while 
participating in aerial flight.
He must not have been in for very long - an SR is an E-1 or the lowest of the low men on the totem pole! 
I like how they acknowledge his adoption. 
Yet another cemetery that will put the spouse on the back of the stone when they are buried together.  The 8-110 is the section and stone #. 
The Bronze Star is the 4th highest award available. It is awarded for acts of heroism, acts of merit, or meritorious service in a combat zone.  Respect. 
"May Your Free Spirit Be Your Guide"
"Free Thinker, Scientist, Human Rights & Peace Activist"
BKR2 - Baker, second class (E-5)
No comment needed. 
PRTR3 - Printer, third class (E-4)
WT3 - Water Tender, third class (E-4)
S1 - Seaman (E-3)
"Inspiration to All / Mr. Happy"
I wonder if Frank & Chester were buddies?
"The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling"
Purple Heart - Combat Wounded.  Much Respect.
RM3 - Radioman, third class (E-4) - this one still exists
"Sailor Rest, Thy Work Is Done"
"It Just Don't Get No Better Than That"
"Senior Coffee To Go Please"
"The Bus Has Left"
I can't believe I didn't get a pic of the one that had a husband & wife in it.  It said something like "65 years together on Earth, now eternally together"  Beautiful!!
This is the Columbiarium - where the urns are filed. 
Watch out for random weird leaping kids!
After all this, we hopped in the car and drove toward the back where we saw another section. 
The "In Memory Of" section. 
"with willing heart and skillful hands, 
the difficult we do at once, 
the impossible just takes a bit longer."
 This is the plaque in front of the bell tower. 
I realized after I took this pic that there were several from the USS Grunion in that row. 
USS Grunion (SS-216), a submarine, was patrolling off Kiska, Alaska in 1942 when she reported heavy anti-submarine activity and was never heard from again.  What happened remained a mystery until August 2007 when a wreck was discovered in the Bering Sea that was verified to be the Grunion. 
I'm surprised I didn't see this more.  Fair Winds & Following Seas is a traditional sailor's farewell. 
Combat Wounded.  Prisoner of War.  Killed in Action.  Respect. 
Bataan Death March  - the link tells about it.  Insane.
3 brothers in a row.  "Brothers Reunited, Well Done"