October 05, 2013

Countdown - 26 days - Maple Grove, Elk Rapids

Elk Rapids, Antrim County

This is #2 of our Maple Grove Road Trip. 
This was the second day of our vacation and sadly, it dumped rain. 

I wanted to explore this 4000+ grave cemetery, but the huge crack of thunder / flash of lightning right over my head when I got out of the car made me change my mind.  So most of these are from the car, using the camera zoom.   I know I missed a lot of cool sights.  It's not the oldest cemetery I've ever visited.  


 I had to get out to check these out.  They're plot markers piled up.  
I'm not sure about the stone placement, tho.  That's rather odd.

There were some very cool colored stones all over the place. 

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