September 18, 2012

Catching up!!

Woooo!  Fall is definitely in the air - and with it going down to 41 degrees tonight, the windows are closed to keep that air out!  We haven't broke down to turn the furnace on yet. 

Oh gosh - lots to post about. 

First of all - a lovely coworker had told me about this leg she had in her garage that she kept meaning to bring in to give to me.  Innocent, naive me was thinking along the lines of a latex prop or something. 

It is a REAL FREAKIN' LEG !!! 

She said it was in her garage when she moved in her house and the people who she bought the house from all had their own legs, so she has no idea how old this thing is.  It frankly creeps me out so badly that I haven't looked closely at it to see if there is a serial number or anything on it.  I have determined that it belonged to someone taller than my 5'8", since the top of it reaches quite high on my own leg.

What the hell am I going to do with it??  I can't even describe the look of horror on Randy's face when he saw this picture - he hasn't even seen it IRL since it's wrapped in a giant garbage bag out in the garage.

Nobody better suggest making a lamp out of it, either.  It ain't going in my house!!

Anyhoooooo.  OH!  Dex over at AEIOU... and Sometimes Why is hosting the Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange !!  It's just like the Secret Reaper on Halloween Forum, so I signed up.   Basically you sign up and you randomly get assigned another participant (or "patcher" since they're waiting in their pumpkin patch!) and you send them a Halloween gifty!  And on the same token, since you're signed up - you get a gift sent to you from a random person, too!  How fun!  So go do it, you know you want to!

I've been doing a bit of shopping here & there, in between getting items that Miss Angela needs to Spirit Week.  Homecoming is this weekend, so she needed to get obnoxious red stuff to wear for the competitive pep rally...
This was taken after school - can you believe they are allowed to take acrylic paint and smear it on each other?  I'm sure the janitorial staff loves that!  Anyway, sophomores wore red, juniors bore blue and seniors wore white. And we still need to get her "official" homecoming outfit that will be similarly crazy for the parade & game on Friday.  Good news - Utica High colors are white, black & orange!  Oh yeah - and a nice dress for the dance.  Yay.

I found this very elegant skeleton lady at the Christmas Tree Shop.  Other than having 2 right hands, she's quite nice, the cone under her skirt is somewhat solid and weighted.  They had witches, too.
Here she is next to the Michael's version that has a flimsy plastic cone under the skirt.

I found this guy at the Salvation Army.  His cape needs some glue, but he's so cute!  I've gotten addicted to nutcrackers in the past couple years.  He's my 3rd halloween one.  

Oh - Angel and I were back out at my sister's house last Saturday to help finish painting the fence around her pasture.  She got me these as a thank you gift...  car magnets!!

I'm afraid they'd blow off so they have been relocated to the fridge.

So anyway - other than the few things that I've bought and haven't put away in the garage yet, nothing is being decorated until after Angel's birthday on the 28th.  Grrr.  As if her friends don't already know that her mom is loony!

September 13, 2012

The Countdown is on the way!!

I've signed up once again for the illustrious Countdown to Halloween that will begin on October 1 - SQUEEE!

I have topics thought out for about half my posts, since that's the way I roll.  I hate waiting to the last minute, so things get planned ahead of time.  I'm a crazy list-maker!  Plus that will give me more time to check out the other blogs that will be linked up - last year there were around 215 involved!

So click on that link & check it out - they should be starting sign-up soon!!