February 14, 2014

Is it almost over yet??

Ugh, despite having a last name like "love" - Valentine's is NOT my favorite holiday of the year.  

Go HERE if you really want the nitty-gritty.  

Anyhoooo, I wish I could find the damn ad I saw earlier today that gave me an apothecary jar idea.   I'll borrow this lovely shot from WeHeartIt, which appears to be similar to etsy (forgive me peeps if it isn't!)

The name of the jewelry was Key to Your Heart or something like that.  {{insert light bulb here}}  So I was thinking of something like a jar with a dollar store heart in it, with some twine wrapped around the neck, with an old skeleton key hanging off of it.......
Yeah!  I never liked those body parts from the dollar store, but I would make an exception for this!

That's all for now!