September 23, 2023

It's officially fall and things are stirring!

**scheduled to post at 2:03am, the exact minute fall begins according to the Almanac**

And yes!  The Countdown to Halloween is coming!

Anyhoo.  I feel all sorts of stressed because I think I'm way behind, but in all honesty - I do have another weekend before I NEED to set up.  

The headstones / fence / sign are all out.  A few touchups in the paint might be needed, which is pretty normal, considering the varmints that enjoy my shed in the off season.  

Exhibit A.  

A big ol' orb weaver who is was happily hanging right in the middle of my shed. 


Evidence B... 

Exhibit B.  
Damn rodents anyway.  He's got an entrance to a burrow under the mower up in the upper left corner of that pic and throws dirt all over the red mower that we use.  But as I was looking for a pic, I found an article of things that are groundhog deterrent - including used kitty litter.  With 3 cats, we have an unending supply of that!

Can't forget the squirrels who got in there & knocked all my critter skeletons all over the place.

I found a dollar store version of Flex Seal and grabbed a couple cans to hit the tops of the headstones. I think it looks pretty cool. 

The critter skeletons that were also in the shed are out & have been hosed off.  I know it's silly to get rid of the dirt & spiderwebs from something that's going in an "old" cemetery.

Blowmolds are also out.  I need to remember earlier in the year to order some new light fixtures since I have to keep switching them out with the Christmas and/or Easter molds! 

All nice & clean-ish.  

So I actually have the stuff to make 2 non-static props!  
One is going to make a little skeleton pop out from behind a headstone. 

 I'm a very visual / hands-on person so I've been searching YouTube and HalloweenForum for idiot proof instructions on how to put it together.  Sure, I see plenty of examples, but nothing that says HOW to do it, step by step.  

The other was supposed to be a make & take with the Motor City Haunt Club, but the day they did it I had something else going on, so I made arrangements to buy the kit and do it at home.  This does in fact come with step by step instructions so it should be do-able. 

Now just to do it.