October 29, 2013

Countdown - 2 days - Daylight tour

Gosh, I'm behind the ball this year!  I still don't have any spotlights out!  
That's OK - tonight !!  Then I will get some night shots. 

 Bobert, Billiam & Wilbur just a chillin'.

 Terrance, Phillip & Ike, hanging out. 

 Big Bertha's grave, courtesy of the gas company. 

 I am loving the new fence!
It really seems to help pull the cemetery together. 

 Crazy roses still blooming!  I have 3 different bushes with buds and/or blooms. 

 Peeping Tom & Matt the guy with no legs on the ground. 

Don't ask where the names come from.  Sometimes I don't even know!

 A place of prominence & protection for Hunter's Moon!


Jayne & Hugh.
I already have plans to makeover Jayne for next year. 
I saw someone's display where they made a chicken wire form and either wrapped it in lights or just stuffed them underneath, and then put a long sleeved, long gown on it, with a light-up JOL head.  It looks really freakin' awesome.   
And hands.  She needs hands. And maybe a JOL head to match Hugh. 
Hugh got a quick update since my lovely Secret Reaper dropped him off.  The dummy form works pretty well for legs & hands. I will shorten the arms so they don't hang out of this sleeves so much. And maybe add PVC leg bones for more realistic legs. That part isn't necessary, tho. 

I do have a story for names here.  Jayne Mansfield was a model / performer / actress / Playboy bunny and was in a car accident in 1967 that may or may not have decapitated her when it ran up under the back end of a semi-trailer (hence the ICC or Mansfield bumper).  This is why my Jayne is always next to the stone with the semi poem on it.
Damn.  Am I tasteless or what?  Sheesh.  This totally just gave me pause. 
And his name is Hugh for Hugh Hefner. 

I am really happy with how the cemetery looks this year.  

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